The Word Oracle

The Word Oracle

The Word Oracle deck was designed to align us back to Source using high vibrational words as anchors.


The deck has 55 high vibrational words in bright chakra colours that correspond to the words at hand. You will notice certain words resonate with the same colours. The colours are a healing tool as well so that we can anchor in that word. 

This deck was an intuitive collaborative journey between myself and Archangel Michael.


Being a Psychic Medium, this was a fun thing to do!


Perfect for:

Positive reminders


Anchoring energy

Uplifting your day

Great for adults and kids

Vision boards

Daily card reading


so much more!


It comes with a intruction card on how to use the deck and a bright pink velvet pouch to keep the cards well.

Use it alone or

add to your other decks to enrich and give your readings more depth. 

all we need is that 
One word
to shift back to 

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Thank you for supporting my Oracle deck! 

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