Worthiness is a vibration

I never understood this until one day whilst walking in the wooded park, I felt this strange calming feeling come over me like a soft cloud.

I found a bench and sat down wondering what I was feeling.

It felt like the most comfortable feeling ever!

Like a cosy blanket. Like a warm hug.

Like my life is working out. Like I have it all together.

I thought it was Pure Love.

And then I sensed Archangel Michael to my left. I still remember it was a bright blue sky kinda day yet there was a nip in the air in that late October day.

The Angel said, 'This is the vibration of Worthiness. This is what most humans strive for but do not yet know or feel it because of the drive to chase things and they end up in the chasing-ness of it all'

'Why did I feel it?' I asked.

'Because you were in the chasing-ness too' said the Angel. 'You were becoming like everyone else around you, when you have been sent here to wake people up this vibration'.

At that time, I had no idea I was a Walk In Soul. And the Angel knew better enough not to offer that information for I hadn't asked and it's a free will kinda world.

'What would you have me do with this vibration, Michael?' I asked.

'Learn it and share it with others. Your journey now is about to be tumbled into a washing machine of uncovering the hidden layers of why you yet still feel unworthy. Imbibe this vibration into your life. Feel it guiding you. For it's not just a vibration of Worthiness, it's a vibration of Divine Perfection' said the Angel.

Archangel Michael was right. I was in the middle Stage 2 of the Awakening process and I was healing my Core Soul Wound of Unworthiness.

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I healed all the triggers and undercurrents of Unworthiness within me. It wasn't easy but it had to be done. I finally knew what Worthiness vibrated like.

It felt like home to me...

Worthiness Meditation

Would you like to know what Worthiness feels like?

Let's call on Archangel Michael to help us.

Find a comfortable place to connect. Light a candle to add to the energy.

Put on your favourite high vibrational music.

Do ground yourself into Mother Earth by visualising roots growing from your feet into the centre of the earth.

Call on Archangel Michael to be with you right now. Feel his presence.

Ask the Archangel to shower you with the vibration of Worthiness.

Feel this energy pour down from above and into your energy field, illuminating all your 12 Chakras and your body.

Sit with this energy for a while. What does it feel like?

Ask Archangel Michael to infuse your entire day ahead with this energy and he will.

Be in this space for as long as you want. Once you are done, thank Archangel Michael.

Let me know what your Worthiness vibration felt like below. I always love reading and replying to your comment.

Shifting from Unworthiness to Worthiness is a journey and I'd like to help you.

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