Why Self Sabotage Comes From Unworthiness?

As I write this, it's a Waning Moon heading into Dark Moon towards a New Moon this November 2020. All the feels of Unworthiness rise high this week as forecasted on my Awakening Oracle on Instagram. Writing this was a nudge to help you decide whether or not you want to hold on to Unworthiness patterns within or to shift into a space of Worthiness...finally.

Disclaimer: If you get triggered reading this in any way, walk away for a while and breathe deeply. If you're ready to heal Unworthiness, then continue reading.

In my 10 plus years of coaching Awakeners, Unworthiness lies deep within everyone's energy. Don't go far, I had a lot of Unworthiness rise within me when I began my Awakening in 2009 as a Walk-In Being. Jealousy, Codependency, Self Sabotage was a part of the First Karishma Soul's life on autopilot. When I Walked-In, I had my hands full to clean this shit up!

But, how are these 3 things related to Unworthiness, you might ask? Let's divide them and look at them closely...This week, I am going to focus on SELF SABOTAGE.

Self Sabotage

This is a classic go-to when one feels 'undeserving' or unworthy of their life experiences with people. When a good thing is about to happen, one will consciously or subconsciously sabotage the situation because of several things...But, before that, you are asking 'how do you know a good thing is about to happen?'. Well, Self Sabotage comes from an Inner Personality, for example, our Inner Child or Inner Critic. If you tend to Self Sabotage, most likely, your Inner Personality is running your life!

Our Inner Personalities are a colourful bunch who all want their own needs to be met. I once had my Inner Prostitute who didn't believe she was enough and believed that by 'sexing' herself to men, she would get the love she wanted.

Nope, I didn't get the love I wanted that way.

Since our Inner Personalities want their own needs to be met, this leaves very little room for our Authentic Self, the Self that is TRULY, AUTHENTICALLY US, to live our life AUTHENTICALLY.

Our Inner Personalities are dominant and possessive of their 'domain within us' and I truly mean this, because they have been running our life for so long.

Back to when a good thing is about to happen...A good thing, say for example, a wonderful opportunity to meet a business partner. If our Inner Personality is running our life, most likely, they will look at this opportunity as a challenge and threat to their existence and begin working on ruining this business opportunity. If our Inner Personality is let's say, our Inner Child of 3 years old, they will view this opportunity through their eyes as 'doing too much work' and You may even begin to think and feel like that! Because your Inner Child is dominating your energy, this becomes the default behaviour within you and there goes your business opportunity because you may think or feel 'it is too much work'. And Law of Attraction kicking in, the person might even decide errrr maybe they don't want to do business with you.

Self Sabotage, classic. And our Inner Personality repelled this opportunity sigh...

Another Self Sabotage example is when we begin a brand new life partnership. Depending on your Inner Personality, let's say your Inner Critic, may begin to criticise your partner or yourself unnecessarily which could lead to unpleasantness within you and your partner.

Do you see how this works now?

Self Sabotage comes from our unhealed, misaligned and 'unworthy' Inner Personalities who will block our happiness, joy or abundance

- because they are afraid to let go

- because they feel our Authentic Self IS NOT ENOUGH

- and they need to be around to defend our Authentic Self

Our Inner Personalities exist because of some hurt or pain caused to us at a time and place within our life. They usually appear to 'defend' us in some way because at the time and place of the hurt caused to us, we weren't ready to be our Authentic Self. Or we did not HOW to be our Authentic Self!

Most of us did not have the luxury of being raised consciously to work through our hurt or pain growing up. Most of us carry these Self Sabotage wounds into our adulhood unknowingly.

Self Sabotage is an Unworthiness wound. It can occur the following ways:

- Hurt, pain or trauma growing up

- Self Sabotage patterns coming through our ancestral lineage

- Self Sabotage patterns coming through our past lives

We tend to Self Sabotage because some part of us DOES NOT FEEL ENOUGH. Let's ask ourselves...

Why don't I feel enough?

When did it start?

Who within me is really feeling this way?

What is triggering this?

These simple questions can bring you some deep seated Truth that has been hidden from you. We need to figure out the Inner Personality that is causing this Self Sabotage so we can free ourselves of the trauma of not being enough to BEING ENOUGH once and for all.

Shifting into Worthiness is a real act of courage as it takes guts and grit to work through this Inner Personality that has dominated our lives for so long. This is why working with a coach or mentor or an accountability partner is so important because we do need the support along the way.

Once we begin to heal the trauma and the Inner Personality, we truly begin to FEEL the shift to BEING ENOUGH and I tell you...it really is freeing and liberating!

Truthfully, it took me a good three plus years to clear out all Worthiness wounds and triggers within me. Worthiness is a vibrational space, just like all higher dimensional values like Unconditional Love, Truth, Faith, Loyalty or Commitment.

To shift into the Worthiness vibration, we need to let go of the triggers and wounds related to NOT BEING ENOUGH within us.

Let me ask you...ARE YOU ENOUGH?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is ENOUGH, where are you on this scale?

Be honest and give yourself a number.

Now you know where you are on the ENOUGH scale and how much work you may or may not have to do to shift into Worthiness.

When I work with my clients on clearing Unworthiness, we shift you back to the Worthiness Energy Matrix within your own energy. Understanding and navigating Worthiness is an experience and it is easy or challenging depending on your Unworthiness experiences. But once you experience the Worthiness Energy Matrix, ease sets in and you want more of this. This is natural when we heal our Core Soul Wounds.

As we heal our Core Soul Wounds, eg. Unworthiness to Worthiness, our lives change as we begin to attract events and people that also hold the Worthiness Energy Matrix which allows us to have a much more peaceful life.

Here is a list of the Core Soul Wounds that I have recorded so far:

Unworthiness, Shame, Betrayal, Doubt, Lies, Poverty Consciousness, Inner Child, First Hurt, Past Life Sexual Trauma and Being Alone.

Be it through my Channeled Reading, One to One Coaching or Group Workshops,

I love helping people shift into the Healing of these Core Soul Wounds so that everyone can finally live their Divine Authentic Reality as their Divine Authentic Self. A Self that is fully healed and at ease with creating, building and manifesting their desired reality from their heartfelt intentions.

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