Why Do We Experience Betrayal?

Have you ever experienced some form of betrayal? I am guessing this is why you may have wanted to read this. What I share here is the energetics of it all.

Disclaimer: If you feel triggered in any way, just breathe...this is not about you. This is about everyone who has Betrayal energy embedded within their ancestral lineage, past lives, current life trauma, human conditionings, limiting beliefs, curses, vows, entity attachments, contracts, pacts, bondage and all links pertaining to Betrayal; and who want to get rid of Betrayal once for all!

Still interested? Let's explore.

Betrayal is one of the 10 Core Soul Wound that exist within most humans on Earth. The 10 Core Soul Wounds are Wounds that I have discovered in my 11 years of coaching and readings within my clients and even within myself. As a Walk-In Being, I have had to clear these Wounds so that I can fully embody my Divine Authentic Self.

I bet if we explore our family history and lineage, our own lives, our relationships, we will find some kind of Betrayal in there.

What's worse is that Betrayal as a Core Soul Wound, will transfer through our genetics and pass on to our children and future generations. So, our ancestors who have experienced Betrayal in any shape, form or manner, those energy patterns are within us now. It also gets transferred from past lives, be it on Earth on from your Star Origins, onto our current life, affecting our here and now.

Why do we experience Betrayal?

Let's look at Betrayal as an energy pattern within our own energy, body and aura.

If you understand the Law of Attraction, we attract the energy that we are and we manifest what we feel. And most of the time, we attract and manifest the energy of the subconscious or unconscious within us. What do you mean, Karishma? Let me give you an example...

If we are attracting a love interest and we open our lives to receiving this person, that's great, right? Of course, it is. We attract this person, have a wonderful relationship with this person in the beginning only to find this person betrays us or worse we betray this person! Wtf?! What happened?!

We had put in the effort of having the relationship. We probably even read and

re-read our love affirmations day and night. But, what we didn't consider was our background dominant vibration. What background dominant vibration, Karishma?

If we practice affirmations like 'I am worthy of love' and find that we attract events and people that reflect this affirmation, our subconscious energy carries the Worthiness vibration! Yay! However, if we say 'I am worthy of love' only to have a little voice in our head that says 'Yeah right!' then we have a problem because our subconscious is carrying an energy patterns that is REJECTING being worthy of love. And that becomes the dominant vibration we send out unknowingly!

And our dominant vibration may not just be in our subconscious in our current life but is coming through our ancestral lineage and from our past lives.

If you look at your life right now, and all the experiences you have had, what is the dominant FEELING you have been feeling? That feeling is attracting what you are attracting into your life.

This is why it is so important

- To clear our current life of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that don't serve us

- To clear our ancestral lineage karma of energies that don't serve us

- To clear our past life karma of energies that don't serve us

Otherwise, these energies, like Betrayal, actually start creating our life on autopilot!

When I realised this, I set out to clear myself and my clients of these energies so that we can all build and create our Divine Authentic Reality.

I term the Divine Authentic Reality as the reality that comes from our heartfelt desires at the highest vibrational level.

As a Walk-In Being, I had to relook at the First Karishma Soul's life experience on Earth and boy did she have so many back stabbing betrayal events especially from people who became close to her.

I realised that as a Walk-In Being in this body, I was carrying the Betrayal energy matrix within me and thus would be attracting events and people to eventually betray me! Nope! I was no longer having that so I set out to create a system to help myself and my clients rid of ourselves of Betrayal from us for good. And not just Betrayal, but the other Core Soul Wounds as well.

To heal Betrayal within us, we need to excavate all the Betrayal Karmic experiences from this life, past lives and from our ancestors as well as clear limiting thoughts and belief patterns. Yes, it takes time but the results are worth your peaceful heart.

When I work with my clients on clearing Betrayal, we shift you back to the Loyalty Energy Matrix within your own energy. Understanding and navigating Loyalty is an experience and it is easy or challenging depending on your Betrayal experiences. But once you experience the Loyalty Energy Matrix, ease sets in and you want more of this. This is natural when we heal our Core Soul Wounds.

As we heal our Core Soul Wounds, eg. Betrayal to Loyalty, our lives changes as we begin to attract events and people that also hold the Loyalty Energy Matrix which allows us to have a much more peaceful life. Betrayal is closely linked to the Core Soul Wound of Unworthiness. Here is a list of the Core Soul Wounds that I have recorded so far:

Unworthiness, Shame, Betrayal, Doubt, Lies, Poverty Consciousness, Inner Child, First Hurt, Past Life Sexual Trauma and Being Alone.

Be it through my Channeled Reading, One to One Coaching or Group Workshops, I love helping people shift into the Healing of these Core Soul Wounds so that everyone can finally live their Divine Authentic Reality as their Divine Authentic Self. A Self that is fully healed and at ease with creating, building and manifesting their desired reality from their heartfelt intentions.

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