Why Are We Affected By Karmic Bonds?

Is it a coincidence that I write this leading up to the November 2020 Full Moon and eclipse? Perhaps not. Let's get to it, shall we?

I have been coaching for 10 years now and the common misconception between Twin Flame Unions and Karmic Bonds is like white on rice!

In all of my Readings, I have yet to come across only one true Twin Flame Bond. All my clients have felt sad when I mentioned that the relationship that they wish to inquire and resolve is actually a Karmic Bond. I feel awful being the bearer of this news but it's best to rip the bandage now than causing more emotional damage later.

Let me tell you about Karmic Bonds and how disruptive they can be...

A Karmic Bond is an energetic bond with a person where you have unresolved issues/karma with this person that can span from one lifetime to thousands of lifetimes, whether on Earth or from your Star incarnations.

If not healed or resolved, these Karmic energetic links will disrupt our lives where the same people will incarnate in our lives to repeat the same pattern or life situation that occurred in lifetimes before.

How do we know that we are experiencing a Karmic Bond?


Most often than not, the people or persons triggering us the most have a Karmic Bond with us from our past lives. It can be our parents, to friends, to colleagues, neighbours and all kinds of relationships.

The triggering is really them poking at our inner wounds that still seem raw.

Eg. A friend whose presence seems to irritate you especially when he/she/them talk about their life partner. If they continuously trigger you like this, then it is most probably a Karmic Bond.

Sometimes, we may have a Karmic Bond with a narcissist and it can be difficult for us to feel it due to the trauma bonding the narcissist creates with us. This is where we need to be vigilant and conscious on whether the relationship is triggering us, causing a disruption in our life and how to move forward to clearing it for good.

Fake Twin Flame Bond

When we feel a sexual attraction with a person the first time we meet them, that is a Karmic Bond. When there is a push and pull with a person, that is a Karmic Bond. When we feel a sexual attraction with someone and have a push and pull relationship with them, that is a Karmic Bond, not a Twin Flame Bond.

Because it is promoted and written and taught by some people that Twin Flames experience a sexual attraction and a push and pull and a Runner and Separation situation, we tend to fall for it. I'm sorry to have to tell you this but true Twin Flame Bonds don't experience a push and pull and an immediate sexual attraction. Did you know that a Twin Flame can be your sister, uncle, grandmother, colleague or neighbour?

True Twin Flames, when they come together, it is an absolutely peaceful experience and the Union from these two creates a harmonious flow of energy between them. There is no separation as the bond between them is strong and the willingness to stay together and be harmonious is obvious. Even the sexual experience is transcendent between them should both parties come together as life partners.

Random Thoughts About A Person

When we experience random thoughts about a person, whether we know them personally or not, that is most likely a Karmic Bond. It can get annoying as the Divine part of ourselves want to heal this, therefore, it will be brought to the surface for us to heal and resolve it.

How do clear these Karmic Bonds from our lives?

Sometime ago, I created a Karmic Bond Release Decree where only with our free will, can re truly clear these bonds. No, we can't have someone else do it for us without our permission.

To truly know if it is a Karmic Bond or not, I usually recommend booking a Channeled Reading with me, where we truly explore this and get to the root cause. Only then, do I recommend sharing my Karmic Bond Release Decree with you.

If you feel you have Karmic Bonds in your life and would like to clear it, please book a Reading with me.

Book your Channeled Readings HERE

If you need help or guidance from releasing yourself from this bond, we can always explore an Awakening Coaching journey together.

Book your Spiritual Awakening Coaching HERE

If you need courage to release yourself from such bonds and would like Crystal anchors around you to whether to wear or to hang in your home that vibrates with courage or freedom, I can create Crystal jewellery or a Crystal Healing decor for you. Check out my creations on my Instagram account @crystalandmagick

My prayer is that you are leading your life Karmic Bond free where it is your energy and your energy alone that surrounds you. May it be!



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