Staying High Vibrational As A Multidimensional Being

Hello beloved Awakened Soul,

I'm sure you have heard by now that as you work on yourself, what is called Inner Work, you release all the energetic baggage you have carried throughout lifetimes, ancestrally and beyond; which makes you lighter in vibration. Also, HIGHER in vibration.

Now, you have always been part of the masses before, vibrating at a specific vibrational frequency that is masked by the public's frequency because it is a similar somewhat lower-ish vibration. Yes, this is the truth.

As you work on yourself, suddenly, you get higher vibrational, lighter in feeling and thoughts. You can breathe easy, you have clarity of the way forward and what to do next. This is brilliant! Yay! You would love to do more of this so you can keep going up! And, in fact, that is the result of focusing on your Inner Work and letting go what no longer serves you continuously.

So, as you get higher vibrational, your reality around you will start to reflect what you feel inside also. Your friends, family, life situations will either stay or start to wither away to suit a new Higher Vibrational You. This is completely natural as Like Attracts Like based on the Law of Attraction. Or more accurately, Like Reflects Like.

This will continue to happen around you until you have nothing more to clear and your vibration becomes a stable frequency. A Higher Stable Frequency that is. You have learnt to master the lessons, the karma and all else you have come on Earth to do. Inner peace is achieved and you start imprinting on life instead of life imprinting itself on you.

As all of this is going on, protecting and cleansing of your energy field is VERY IMPORTANT. The more higher vibrational you are, you become a brighter Light wherever you are, especially if you are surrounded by a lot of people who are lower in vibration to you. Now, this is what happens...Osmosis takes place to bring balance to the energy imbalance. You being higher vibrational and everyone else lower...your Light and Energy is automatically poured into others around you to balance the Light and Energy around you.

Unfair? Well, that's just Balance.

Suddenly, everyone around you starts to feel better and you by some chance start to feel a little drained. You are so used to a higher vibration that if you are brought down in vibration, you will end up feeling drained.

This happens naturally when you don't have any Energetic Protection around you. Energetic Protection is NEEDED and REQUIRED the moment you begin your Inner Work. It will evolve as you evolve. What works today, may not work tomorrow. Your Energetic Protection works with your vibration. If you are at Vibration X, then a specific Energetic Protection will work for you to maintain Vibration X. The higher in vibration you get, the more unique your Energetic Protection becomes.

Sometimes, no two Energetic Protections are alike. What works for me, may not work for you. This is why, I guide my clients to work with their Divine Guides to come up with unique Energetic Protections that work best for them.

Obviously, the higher in vibration you get, the more SENSITIVE you become to ENERGY. This is a fact!

You don't only exist in the current reality, you exist in all realities at the same time. You get to choose the reality you want to propagate. Also, you will become sensitive to all Realms around you. The Angelic Realms, the Unicorn Realms, The Elemental Realms and so on.

Some of you, as you get higher in vibration, will also be sensitive to discarnate beings who still roam Earth as they didn't crossover into the Light. Energetic Protection comes in handy in such cases as all lower vibrational beings, be it discarnate or just regular people, become attracted to Light. Shielding yourself from any vampiric activity, or receiving negativity knowingly or unknowingly, is VERY IMPORTANT.

I have had cases with my clients that as they are working on themselves and releasing all the trauma and pain, attract discarnate entities, who mean us no harm, but latch on to 'help us' thinking we need their help!

So, staying High Vibrational as a Multidimensional Being is very, very important.

How? Here is what you can do...

1) Cleansing our energy after working on a trauma or inner wound helps us clear all lower vibrational energies. Cleansing can be in the form of transmuting the energy around our body, mind, soul, energy and space to the Highest Christed Divine Light to the power of infinity. Meaning you literally say it like that! Or, if you are not confident to do so, please call on Archangel Michael to do it.

2) Cleansing can be done with a salt bath and setting specific intentions with the water of the bath to 'wash away all that no longer serves me'. Usually, a salt bath is recommended after some heavy Inner Work or when your intuition calls for it.

3) After watching a scary movie or experiencing something scary, always check your energy field, to see if any strange entities that came with the movie (yes, they get attached to scary movies!) are attached to you now. You can use a pendulum and call on Archangel Michael to determine this. If there is an entity attachment, please call on Archangel Michael to remove it. And if it is still there, consult a Spiritual Teacher that you trust to help you out as sometimes you will need some extra help.

4) As you get higher vibrational, cleansing your energy becomes second nature. After going to the mall, meeting friends, watching a movie, anything! And, I mean, anything! I cleanse my energy after each little experience as it is necessary for sensitive beings like myself. And if you are reading this, you are sensitive too.

5) Discover the various energy cleansing techniques that are out there and use ones that resonate with you the best.

6) Asking a crystal to 'hold' your Energetic Protection within it will work wonders! Normally, determine the type of Energetic Protection you will be using like a Ball of Light that allows in only the Highest Christed Divine Light and blocks out everything else. Then, ask the designated crystal to hold this Energetic Protection Matrix. Please ask the crystal's permission to find the RIGHT crystal who will help you do this.

There are soooooooooooo many other ways that you can protect and cleanse yourself. You are only limited by your imagination. I wrote this not to scare you but to make you aware that you as a Multidimensional Being, staying protected is vital as you are now open to all the Realms around you. Mastering your energy to keep it stable and high vibrational will become second nature as you trust your energy fluctuations, know what feels right or wrong and have faith in your intuition.

After a while, only YOU WILL KNOW what feels right for you. That is when you know, you have mastered your own energy, you know how to keep it clear, clean and protect it and you also know how to 'read it' so you know how to improve it, heal it and so on.

I hope this helped you. Should you need a hand in staying high vibrational, do reach out to me.



Awakening & Self Mastery Teacher, Coach, Guide

Multidimensional Channel


Walk In Soul

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