Life Purpose On Earth

When the Oversouls were created by the Divine Creator Sources (yes, there are many!), the purpose or Master Mission for each Oversoul is to represent a part of the population of beings that will inhabit the various planets and galaxies across the multiverse (yes, many universes!)

Each Oversoul has a Master Mission. Each Oversoul will birth numerous Monadic Presences or Master Souls or Master Consciousness that will most likely inhabit a body somewhere across the multiverse. Some Master Souls will not even need a body. They will be working in their Light bodies and not needed a physical body.

As each Master Soul is birthed, they are given a Master Mission to accomplish that will align with their journey's evolution to experience what they would like to experience as Souls!

So, if you are a Master Soul, which most likely you are, and you are on Earth right now or somewhere across a beautiful planet in another universe, and you have incarnated on Earth or that have come with a Master Mission for being in that space.

All Master Souls or Souls, as I am going to call them now as you already understand the concept of Soul Birth; have their very specific Master Missions that ONLY THEY CAN FULFILL!

Each Soul comes with their unique gifts or talents that will enhance their Master Mission wherever they are so that they can be of service and evolve SPIRIT - ually or

Soul - lullarly (as I like to call it!) on their own specific Soul journey as a Master Soul.

This Master Mission is VERY IMPORTANT and is VERY MUCH NEEDED in the space that you have incarnated. Everyone's Master Mission ties in with everyone else's Master Missions.

It becomes a Web of Light of Master Missions to enhance the space that each Soul is in. This is to bring Light and high vibrational Light Codes to enhance the space and population.

The Master Mission or Life Purpose or Mission or whatever you would like to call it matures in the 3rd Stage of Spiritual Awakening. What I mean by matures is, that it will be fully downloaded within you within the 3rd Stage.

To understand the 3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and the numerous processes within each stage, look out for my book, The Stages of Spiritual Awakening, coming soon in September 2019!

If you wish to be notified of my book's release, please contact me in my Contact Form as I no longer keep a subscription list. I feel if you are genuinely interested, you will contact me instead of me bombarding with emails.

Back to the Master Mission...

In the 1st Stage of Spiritual Awakening, most people will experience a longing for their Purpose, their Mission as to Why They Came On Earth...What Did They Come Here For...Thoughts like 'I knew I came here to do something but I can't remember what...!'

This is normal!

It means you are waking up to your Master Mission and your Soul, your Divine Guides and other people will start creating a path for you to fulfill this Master Mission.

Perhaps your Master Mission is to protect dolphins. Suddenly, you will be in touch with Dolphin Rescuers or organizations that need your expertise. Sometimes, you will need to develop certain skills that be required if you are to proceed to fulfill your Master Mission.

For instance, a diving license or learning to swim.

Do you see my point?

Once you are exposed to your Master Mission, it will become a 'mission' for you to fully awaken and download your Master Mission.

Think of your Master Mission like a file kept within your energy field that vibrates at a really high frequency. The only to fully download your Master Mission is to RESONATE WITH YOUR MASTER MISSION'S VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY!

To do that, you will have to clear ALL OF YOUR ENERGETIC BAGGAGE...meaning your karmic debt, clearing of all vows, curses, traumas, etc. within this lifetime and past lives and beyond...which will take the time it needs.

I am sure if you are reading this, you will be already on your energetic baggage clearing path and if you haven't started, please do!

Working with your trusted Spiritual Mentors will definitely help and if you feel like contacting me to assist you, please do via my Contact Form.

If you feel it is time to know what your Master Mission is, feel free to contact me for a Reading or if you are ready to embark on fulfilling your Master Mission, contact me immediately and we can work out a payment plan that works best for us both.

Every single student of mine embarked on their Master Mission and are now learning to fly with their built-in wings! Something I am truly proud of and happy with because it does take courage to start working on yourself. I should know...being a Walk-In Soul myself, I had to clear the previous Soul's karma before I could actually work on my Master Mission!

I hope this post has brought you clarity. My deepest hope is that you are happily living your Master Mission and fulfilling the destiny with which your Soul came to Earth with.

Many blessings of Divine Light!


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