How To Move Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

When I began my human Spiritual Awakening 11 years ago, I started recording the 3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening that a human will encounter upon 'waking up'. When I Walked-In to this body, I experienced an accelerated learning, downloading and Awakening so I can catch up with what it's like to be human on this Earth and to one day share this information with you like this.

These 3 Stages are in my upcoming book, I AM AWAKENED. And yes, it has taken me time to record everything. I promise this book and a few more will be released when I get the go ahead from my Higher Self. And I believe, a few more books will released at the same time! That's how my Higher Self works. Right, back to the topic at hand...

Awakening Stage Two is the most challenging. I am just going to say's hard AF!


Cause' this is where we are faced with all karmic baggage, past hurt and pain, Earthly karma, Star Origin karma, bombarded with energies that we can't even explain, depression, feeling low, feeling lost, feeling incomplete, questioning's tough.

But why are we being made to face it?


See, in all of my human years on Earth, no one really talks about CLEARING KARMA. Until I started doing mine and I realised WOW...there is something here and I needed to share this with people.

Clearing Karma unravels all the energies we have carried from our first point of creation until now. Think about yourself as a house and karma as dust and dirt. If left uncleaned, your house will accumulate dust and dirt over time. So, when was the last time you cleared your dust and dirt? Meaning Karma?

Karma can be very simply put as the cycle of cause and effect due to the course of your actions across your lifetimes be it on Earth or from your Star origins or current life or ancestral patterns. And the consequences of those actions remain with you forever, if not cleared. Consequences meaning contracts, pacts, blood pacts, curses, vows, energetic links, energetic anchors that bind you to particular people, events and places forever!!!

When uncleared, these energies impact your life very consciously!

The Dark Night of the Soul represents a course of time where the clearing of such Karmic activity is cleared very, very quickly to help you move through your Awakening state of being from where you are to a higher state of vibration, very, very fast!

Think along the lines of a Spiritual Acceleration Program where energies from all of your lifetimes be it on Earth or your Star Origins or beyond unravel quickly. In this unraveling, you will experience the following:

- Memories from past lives be it on Earth, Star Origins or beyond

- Karmic lessons that you need to complete be it forgiving someone or acknowledging your worthiness

- A sudden burst of psychic powers waking up within you

- Meeting people suddenly or people from past contacting you

And more...

However, as you are being unraveled like a ball of wool, a lot of pain and suffering can come through as there could have been incidents through your ancestors or past lives or current life or even parallel lives that can leave you confused, lost and hopeless. Parallel lives, you ask? Yes, because your Soul is a multidimensional vessel that can exist everywhere, at the same time! Just like God/Goddess/Source/Oneness or whatever you like to call your Source.

And as you go through this Dark Night of the Soul, you are made to face it all at the same time. But, not EVERYTHING. Just some a part of that Karmic Baggage that needs super clearing right there and then.

I have experienced 3 Dark Nights of the Soul and yes, it can be difficult. So, I began to record the ways of moving through it so I could help myself transcend the karma easily without being pulled by the emotions. Here is what I found to be helpful in moving the Dark Night of the Soul:

1) Mentally prepare and know that you are entering a Cave that contains all that you don't wish to confront, your fears and wounds

When you are aware that this is what you are about to face, you can brace yourself and prepare. Know that things, memories, people and feelings from the past, and I mean past lives and parallel lives that you won't even be aware of or have any current knowledge of, will pop up to be cleared. It can and will feel heavy and confusing.

How To Move Through This:

Allow these people, memories, things and feelings to flow past you. All of it has already happened in the past and you can't change it. Ground yourself in the present and allow this to flow past you like water on a duck's back. Let it flow through you without you getting attached to it. It's almost like watching a movie in front of you without getting involved in the plot. Again to remind, this has already happened! Let. It. Flow. Be the eye of the storm.

2) This process will last as long as you want it to last

I know it sounds counter intuitive but it is the truth. You hold the key to making this process stop for good. And the keys are Dropping Your Ego and Non-Resistance. This process will trigger you with everything that feels not so great rising within you. So, let it flow and know that as it flows, IT IS LEAVING YOU.

How To Move Through This:

If you are still feeling the Dark Night of the Soul, that means that more needs to be released. And this is where our Ego can step in and ruin things by resisting the process. So, stay grounded, let it flow and know that this too shall pass.

3) All layers that have been there as masks to block your vulnerability and authenticity, to hide who you truly are, must come down

This can be disconcerting especially if you are Personality A to a group of people and Personality B to another group of people. Are you really being your Authentic Self with everyone around you or do you hide behind a personality or mask? Thinking this is what those people want you to be or you think that by being this way, you will be accepted, or you will finally belong. Well, this comes from knowing in your heart that you don't feel that who you are is ENOUGH.

How To Move Through This:

It's ok if you don't know who the real Authentic You is. How about making this an adventure of discovering who you are, what you like, how you would like your life to be, where you would like to live, how you would like to feel everyday and so on. It's about unraveling the layers that have been hiding the Real You. And that discovery can be magical, if you let it.

4) This is about letting go of the past to become fully centered in the present

We may have hung on to the 'glory days' of the past without considering that a whole new beautiful future awaits us. Perhaps, some of us would rather live in the future because the past and present isn't as perfect as we hoped it would be. But, don't you think we are lying to ourselves by not confronting what's in front of us?

How To Move Through This

Take your time in letting go of the past knowing that its magic remains right the past. What you have before you, is a present that you have power over, to change it towards a future that you can love forever. And that takes guts, courage and strength to make the changes necessary to shift your current reality towards that future. Self care becomes a priority here as you work on forgiving yourself and others. Also, creating a vision board for a life you truly love will help you get through this process quicker.

5) You don't need to go through this alone

When I began my human Awakening, I was by myself and had no one to talk to about such processes. This was 11 years ago when such concepts like the Dark Night and Spiritual Awakening were just thoughts in someone's head. I figured now as an Ascension Coach and Guide, being my Mission on Earth, I would like to bring people together to help them move through this process as a community.

How To Move Through This:

You have the power and choice to do this on your own or with a community. And this is why I created my Instagram account @goddessofascension (formerly known as @awakenedwithkarishma). This Instagram portal has an intention to bring all Awakeners together so that as a community, we can rise together, heal together and shine our Light together. It helps that as a community, we can talk about such things. This is why I created the Light Master's Mission Collective Program that brings Awakeners who are ready to do their Mission one day at a time, move through their Awakening and heal together as a community.

I bless that what I wrote here will help you on your Awakening journey. Reach out to me via Instagram if you would like help and I would be glad to be of service.

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May this serve your journey,

Illyrhea Karishma

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