How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

We are in one of the best spiritual times that this Earth has ever seen. A time like existed when Atlantis was in its ultimate reign of balance, power and order under the Law of One.

Today, more and more people are waking up to their true Authentic Selves, which can be known as their Soul, their Empowered Self, their Monad, their Higher Self. All leading to the same thing - the Truth.

We are all here to experience that part of our Selves that want to experience life on Earth. As Earth is an accelerated training program for Spiritual Growth, then let's own it and get on with it!

Connecting with our Higher Self is the basic requirement for any Awakening Human on this planet right now. The knowingness of How to connect, What to do when we connect, Follow up in the connection and beyond.

Hence, why the School of Light Mastery was created to house such Spiritual Growth subjects that will lead people to learn at their own time at an affordable price of USD$27 a month.

This is why the first subject or course of the School is known as Awaken Your Intuition. And who do we connect with in this course to enhance our Intuition?

Our Higher Self.

When we start to practice the Simple Intuition Formula (just 3 ingredients!) we will be surprised at how truly psychic we are! And how psychic we have always been...if only guidance was provided during our formative years.

This is part of the School's objective, to provide access to such knowledge. And not just knowledge, access to wonderful true, authentic, caring, wise teachers of each subject that are true experts in their field.

Shelby Melissa is the Guest Professor for Awaken Your Intuition and her Interview, which is within the Course material, helps us go deeper with our Intuition practice. She has also provided us with an Intuition Quiz and a wonderful promo and contact information to work with her personally to further enhance our Intuition.

As much as we are humans, we are also spiritual beings. Marrying our human life with our spiritual life is one of the objectives as why I had to open the School of Light Mastery. For it is time to merge our Human Self with our Spiritual Self.

If you feel there is a need for you to view the School of Light Mastery, please do it right HERE.

We are looking forward for an exciting 2019 with every new and wonderful subject that comes out every month to cater to your spiritual needs.

Should you ever need to reach me, please do right HERE.



PS > If you would like to know more about WHY you are here on Earth right, receive my Welcome To Earth Kit when you sign up HERE

PPS > If you would like a Channeled Reading from your Divine Guides regarding your Sacred Mission on Earth, please contact me HERE

PPS > If you would just like to say hi, I would love to hear from you!

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