How Many Curses Have We Accumulated Throughout Our Lifetimes?

Curses are cast in a fit of emotion and usually are negative in intention that sadly prevents the person from moving forward in their life, throughout their lifetimes on Earth.

How do you know if you may be carrying curses?

1) Are you putting in the same effort as the rest of the world and still can't move forward?

2) No matter how hard you try, you just can't move forward in life?

Like you're stagnant?

Now, sometimes, that can also mean that the Universe is helping you see that there could be another way. However, only when we work together, can I help verify and help you see and experience yourself, what is really going on.

In my experience and with working with a number of people now, what I have noticed and come across is the following:

1) Curses can be self imposed or when someone has curses us. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is done through magickal means. It can be as simple as 'I never want to experience ____again' or 'I wish she would _____'.

See what I mean?

2) They remain with us throughout all lifetimes unless we clear them.

3) They can truly block us from meeting our loved ones, from gaining wealth and prosperity, experiencing true joy, living your best life and so much more...

When you remind yourself that Everything is Energy, you begin to realise how entangled we can get when we are faced with such negative vibrations.

How do you know how many Curses you have?

Well, if you are one of my students, you would know to work with your Higher Self or the Archangel in charge of you as that is the first thing I will teach you. To be independent with your intuitive abilities to receive answers from your trusted Guides.

One of the best Angels to work with on this is Archangel Metatron, who oversees the Akashic Library. Metatron will always help those who are willing to clear their energetic baggage.

Now, I pray you are able to call on the true Archangel Metatron as there are many imposters and tricksters in the higher realms waiting to pounce on unsuspecting people who truly wish to connect with their Divine Guides.

With a lot of research and no thanks to some so called Angel experts, I have had to dig so deep to create my own invocations to call on the true Divine Angels and and Higher Light Beings. Only with proper testing and experiencing some nasty tricksters myself, did I come up with proper invocations to properly call on the Angels and Higher Light Beings that are made of and in service to the Highest Divine Light.

When you are connected with your Archangel in charge of you or Archangel Metatron, ask them:

How many curses do you carry throughout your lifetimes?

How many self imposed?

How many did others curse upon you?

Can you release them on your own? How?

If you can't, who can help?

These are some of the basic questions I go through with my students and clients who are on the road to clear their energetic baggage. Knowing as much detail as you can get will truly help us in dissolving these curses.

And once you start, you will be pretty surprised at the can of worms that you open. Sometimes, there could be large curses and sometimes small ones. But, you will start to make sense why certain things in your life could not move and why.

I have had the sad experience of carrying ancestral curses and boy did they do a number on me! Only when I dissolved them and made peace with my ancestors, did I receive clarity on why a part of my life was stagnant.

I write more about this in my upcoming book - Awake, The Stages of Spiritual Awakening.

It will be releasing this September 2019 on Amazon.

If you would like to explore clearing curses from your life with me, I would be happy to help!

Contact me on my website with my contact form right HERE and share with me what's going on.

I have noticed curses are usually around Love, Abundance, Shame, Guilt, Jealousy and a few other topics. Like I recently worked with a wonderful lady who was looking for love. We discovered that she had cursed herself in one of her lifetimes to not experience true love! And if we didn't discover it, she wouldn't be on her way to her own true love now...

I pray you are completely clear of your energetic baggage to experience true

Divine Sovereignty and Absolute Peace!



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