Heal Your Karma

In Stage Two of Spiritual Awakening, we begin to understand the processes within this stage that requires us to work on our Self. Most of us know this as Inner Work.

Inner Work never stops for us once we have awakened from this human coma.

I am always asked 'when will this end?'...I always say when you have nothing left to work on. Which is when exactly? Every day of our human life involves some form of maintaining a higher vibration, interacting with people, having a job, being with our family, etc.

Please tell me when do YOU think Inner Work stops with all of the above :-)

If you are new to my work, I have recorded the Stages of Spiritual Awakening into 3 Stages with its many processes in between. If you don't know which stage you are resonating in, do subscribe to my Spiritual Awakening Guide below and follow my journey as I release my book, The Awakening, coming out late summer 2019. This book becomes THE handbook for all Spiritual Awakeners, who are in need of such a handbook during their human journey discovering their spiritual Self.

Let's talk about Heal Your Karma.

What do you know about Karma? Normally, karma is known as the unpaid energetic debt between individuals or groups of people that must be resolved or the energetic signature of the Karma perpetuates bringing together the same group of people or individuals to play out the same nature of how the Karma came into place.

Did you understand that? Good. If you don't, just connect with me and I will explain further.

Haven't you noticed how people throughout their various lives on Earth keep repeating a pattern within each life? That is the Karma, the unresolved energetic debt, that keeps coming up. The only reason why people keep coming together in all of these lives is because they haven't yet understood that they have an unresolved Karma between them and they MUST resolve it to free themselves of the energy that binds them together.

This Karma can come in many forms.

Personal Karma

This is what you have decided to create between yourself and another or many others before incarnation to learn valuable lessons. The people that irritate you the most, that trigger you the most are the ones you have Personal Karma with.

Past Life Personal Karma

A vow you took as a monk for celibacy. Being murdered for no reason. Perhaps you were tortured and never received justice. Or you didn't get to say you were sorry or I love you to a someone and you keep chasing that person through time.

This is known as Past Life Personal Karma that you owe to yourself to resolve completely so no patterns are repeated, all debts are paid and your energy is free from all push and pull of all the energetic cords linking you to anyone or anything of such nature.

Group Karma

This happens when a group of people are involved and usually past life regression and healing needs to happen to unlink you from the Group Karma and the group itself only if you are ready to resolve what truly happened to have had cause such a Karmic imbalance.

Ancestral Karma

This one is tricky as the Karma is hereditary and within our DNA and energy. Yes, most of us complain that the root cause of this is not even US so why are we cursed with it?!

Because your ancestors carry it. Because you are born into that ancestor's family. And until you clear it, the patterns are repeated into the children and the generations after.

To heal your karma, I highly recommend that you work with a trusted Mentor or Coach who understands you and whom you resonate with. You are in need of a cheerleader and someone who can hold space for your Awakening growth.

Doing Inner Work and working with a trusted Coach, Mentor or Guide is the best way to help yourself towards true spiritual empowerment.

If you feel like working with me, I would be honoured to hold space for your Awakening growth. Connect with me immediately for a Reading or straightaway into Spiritual Awakening Coaching.



For better confirmation, always check with your Divine Guides whether or not you need to resolve Karma between yourself and the other. Because it's such a huge world and not everyone who hurts us or trigger us has unresolved Karma with us.

Healing your Karma is a responsibility for us to clear all energetic debt so that we can ascend higher into the higher realms after our current life so we choose.

When we no longer are triggered by the people around, when we truly have found inner peace this way, we know how to live a deeper, richer life on Earth, ready for the next Ascension level.



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