Feeling the Feels

Spiritual Awakening

It's the Snow Full Moon of February 2019.

Wow. We have come a long way since the year began. I truly believe the year begins after Chinese New Year. It's something I have felt in the years walking this Earth as a Walk In Soul. That the true energy of a New Year flows through during the February New Moon.

And this year, I really felt it!

So many 'babies' were born from this Virtual Mother. My Welcome To Earth Kit. My Awakening with Karishma Podcast. Sent off my manuscript to a favoured publisher to publish my book, The Awakening Journey - The 3 Spiritual Stages of Awakening. My School of Light Mastery which will be released to the world on the March New Moon. And now writing shorter blog posts to reach you, my beloved Awakening Soul.

Feeling the feels. That I am.

We truly start to Feel the Feels in Stage 2 of Spiritual Awakening. In my upcoming book, The Awakening Journey, I write about how we become extra sensitive during this Stage because this is when we truly start doing our Inner Work. Some of us call this Shadow Work.

We start to face our Shadow Self. The Self that has been working behind the scenes to keep all that we have been avoiding or hiding until She/He feels the burden is too much to bear and seeps into our Light Self.

What we need to realise is our Light Self and Shadow Self must marry. They must integrate. Share notes. The Light must shine on the Darkness to point out areas of any damage that has to be healed, any patterns to be released, any clutter to be cleared out...

Our Light and Darkness merges in Stage 2 of Awakening.

And no, this is no easy task but we already knew that didn't we?

Feeling the Feels means to truly feel every micro feeling and emotion that rises up as we do our Inner Work. We will usually Feel the Feels during a Full Moon phase.

If you see me now, I am menstruating, half teary eyed, 100% emotional, hungry like a wolf, craving sweets and...writing to you here.

I know this must reach you to tell you that THIS IS NORMAL.

Allow yourself to Feel the Feels. Let it rise up. Talk to your friends, loved ones, your coach or mentor.

Watch a good movie. Cry. Write and burn all that's inside your heart.

Your feelings are extra potent during a Full Moon and it is rightfully so. The Full Moon shines a bright torch on the areas that have been hidden as we have been focused on working and doing and sharing our life on social media.

Feelings of what is truly going on inside rise up because they need to be acknowledged.

There are days where I have vulnerable posts on social media sharing what is REALLY happening. I don't project a perfect life on social media and I will never endeavour to. I feel as a Soulpreneur, I need to be honest with my audience.

That doesn't mean I'm not good at what I do. I am the ONLY person on this planet who can do what I do and I LOVE WHAT I DO.

And I am ok to flow with my period. I am ok to slow down and feel as I bleed during a Full Moon, what is really going? I am perfectly fine to journal and allow my feelings to swim on a page as tears fall down.

I understand and respect that my body is a container of Energy. And all that is happening is...Energy in the form of feelings and emotions are flowing out so as they clear from my body and energy field, there is lightness and relief. There will be clarity. There is surrender.

As I Feel the Feels right now, I am surrendering the outcome of my School over to the Universe. If I have been resonating in the negative space it is because I was trying to control the outcome. I was coming from an old program that was not healthy because of past failures.

But, I could only know this if I stopped and listened to these overwhelming feelings that took over my body and tears. Thank you my body and my tears. Thank you for telling me that I needed to honour these feelings so I can shift to a more healthier mindset. I had been so focused on building the School that all the nervousness my Shadow Self was feeling came out like pop soda.

And it's perfectly ok. Welcome to being a cyclical woman being.

Now, that I know what had been happening inside me, I can breathe and let it out and open myself to a healthier focus. A focus on what needs to be done to care for myself. To shift to a higher vibration. To understand that I have the power to do so and I do it.

Feeling the Feels.

After journaling about all that had been building up from within since the New Moon, I can now breathe a sigh of relief. It is released...I now have new and healthier energy around me.

I have new space to plant better, healthier seeds. Program higher vibrational affirmations. Send Reiki to myself and my body to align with Abundance and Joy. The two qualities that I love so much.

Within this new space, I can now call on my Angelic Guides and the Cosmic Hierarchy of Light to meet me halfway on fulfilling my Sacred Mission. That I am never in complete control as we are Co-Creators with the Divine at all times.

The Divine and I are partners. Sacred biz partners.

How could I deny that? No wonder all the pent up stuff came out. I was trying to do everything myself. But, the Divine had been quietly working in the background.

I'm so sorry Divine. Here, let's start again as we did back in the New Moon with all those intentions we set together.

What do we do now? How do we move forward together? What is out next step?

This is how we move forward with the Divine in Sacred Partnership.

I hope this has been enlightening. I am off to watch The Flash as I absolutely love the show. But, before I go, I am sharing with you my Simple Full Moon Ritual complete with a One Card Spread.

Take a look and see HERE if this is something you would love right now to accompany your Full Moon journey.

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