Clearing Your Earthly Karma - Ancestral Karma

Welcome to this series of Clearing Earthly Karma.

Today's topic - Ancestral Karma

We are talking about karma from your mum and dad's side, their ancestors and beyond.

But what is this this karma?

The patterns, behaviours, curses, vows, blood pacts, promises, contracts, karmic bonds that your ancestors made whilst they were on Earth. And all of that is embedded within your DNA.

This Karma influences the way you think, behave, interact with people, why you can't keep a relationship, why money slips away, why you keep being betrayed and more.

All Karma has its roots within the 8 Core Soul Wounds and they are:

First Hurt in any lifetime

Past Life or Ancestral Sexual Trauma

Believing You Are Alone




Poverty Consciousness


Our ancestors carried these wounds within them, either one, or some or all. And these wounds have been energetically transferred to us into our DNA and sits there until we energetically clear it from our energy field.

If you are to observe your mum and dad and their ancestors...

What are the struggles they are or have been going through?

What about the struggles of your grandparents and their ancestors?

Was there any trauma like the India-Pakistan Partition or the Spanish Inquisition or famine

or property loss or any such trauma that your ancestors went through?

Where did your ancestors come from?

How did your ancestors live?

Any strange behaviours that exist within your family tree?

When you get real and honest about your family lineage, you begin to see the patterns that

also exist within you. And the one with the power to clear it all right now is you.

Why should I be the one to clear this crap?!

They did it. They went through it. They should clear it!

Well, truthfully speaking...our ancestors were probably not exposed to the amazing spiritual therapies that we have here today. They probably didn't know they can clear all of this stuff called karma or they weren't allowed to or dozens of reasons that prevented them from doing so. And I bet their lives were a whole lot more difficult than ours.

Look at our lives now...we have everything! With the resources our ancestors were exposed to, I bet they wanted better for themselves and their generations to come.

So, the approach here is gentleness, softness, tenderness. They were people too, just like us. And if they were here right now seeing you in this modern digital age, I bet they would be thrilled knowing that their generations lived and are living well.

But, why do need to clear this Karma, Karishma? I don't mind keeping it there.

Cool! You get to choose what you want to do with this Karma. It's your freewill choice and

do what is in your highest good.

But, what if I clear the Karma, Karishma? What happens?

Well, let me share with you something first.

Know that the essence you are made of comprises of the following:

Ancestral Karma +

Past Life Karma +

Current Life Karma +

Star Origin Karma +

Your Soul's Light, Energy & Consciousness = The Current You

Wow...what an equation! But, so true.

You get to decide if you want to hang on that the Karma or let it all go.

If you can imagine yourself as a hot air balloon and Karma as the sand bags

weighing you, the hot air balloon, down. As you release one sand bag at a time,

the hot air balloon rises. More bags released, the balloon rises higher.

If we are to talk energetics then this is what happens when you begin

Clearing Earthly Karma:

  • You become higher vibrational

  • Your energy feels lighter

  • Your true Soul's essence can flow through without karmic interference

  • You begin to recognise and own your own energy and space

  • Your Intuition sharpens and you can sense your Guides and Source clearly

And more.

The intention that we wish to set here is this...

The Current You = Only Your Soul's Light, Energy and Consciousness


When you are clear of all Earthly and Star Origin Karma, this energetic baggage feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The benefits of Clearing Your Karma outweigh holding on to it. You become so clear that you know exactly how to work on your Mission on Earth, manifest the life you truly desire and be in complete alignment of what's in your highest good.

How do I clear Ancestral Karma?

There are a few ways of doing it.

1) I have created Karmic Release Decrees to clear majority of your Earthly Karma. One is the 90 Day Karmic Release Decree that clears about 50 - 60% of your Earthly Karma which includes your Ancestral Karma. If you want it, just message me about it via my website or Instagram @ascendedwithkarishma as it's only USD$33.00. I will send you all instructions and the proper simple rituals to accompany this decree

2) We work together through a Psychic Channeled Reading for you where we determine what are the Ancestral Wounds and Karmic Baggage you are carrying. Then, we can plan the following

a) We work together unfolding the Ancestral Karma from your dad and mum's side which takes about 5 - 6 sessions of Spiritual Coaching and you're done.

b) We work together to reconnect you to your Divine Guides where once you know how to work with them, you can work directly with them to clear your Ancestral Karma. This just takes One Private Session and I will coach you how to work with your Divine Guides on this matter and all matters.

c) We work together to clear all 8 Core Soul Wounds that are included within your Ancestral Karma, Past Life Karma, Current Life Karma through Spiritual Coaching sessions with me where once you do this inner work, all such Karma releases and transmutes to the Highest Divine Light.

These are some options that I can provide you with to help you get started.

The journey to clear your Earthly Karma begins with one step. Saying Yes to owning all parts of your energy and releasing energetic baggage that no longer belongs to you.

If you are ready to work with me, let's have a short 30 minute Zoom consult to see how we plan your Karmic Release journey.

You can reach me via my Contact page on this website or via Instagram


If you are ready to your Current You = Your Soul's Light, Energy & Consciousness, you know where to find me.

With love and blessings


PS > I have been doing this for about 10 years now. Yes, you are in good hands :)