Who Am I as a Soul?

Today, I share with you the origin of me.

If you don't know who and what I am...why would you work with me being your Spiritual Awakening Guide?

Why must you book me for an Intuitive Reading to gain Clarity on your journey?

Why would you buy my jewellery?

You don't anything about me and why I am offering what I am offering.

If I were you, I'd want to know more about me.

The story begins 9 years back when I had a car accident that I was most sure I died...or did I?

I had a car accident and literally before impact...everything slowed down like in slow motion.

I just knew this was the END...or was it?

I waited for my car to crash into the front car. But...nothing happened.

Seconds later and NOT feeling the impact, I suddenly realised the crash had already happened!

I saw my steering wheel was still intact but the front of my car was crushed.

I felt a strange buzzing sensation, the kind you feel when your TV is going wonky. Strange it was.

Not a scratch on my body. I was perfectly fine!!!

I stepped out to discuss with the other driver and things after that honestly are a little blurry.

But, what happened then was my Spiritual Awakening began. I know this now as I am writing this in my book. You see, I have been recording all the Stages of Spiritual Awakening and its processes in a book over the last 3 years.

Long? Yes.

Because I had to go through each and every stage and process to be able to write about it!

Back to me 9 years back. I WOKE UP.

And almost automatically, I started shedding all limiting human conditionings, healing past trauma, clearing my energy field, learning about the Ascension and recording my journey.

Everything I have learned so far has been from Divine downloads and messages from Angelic Beings.

For 9 years, it has been the hardest, most difficult, lonely journey ever!

But, I am a clearer human person now. I am not that girl I was 9 years ago. I am a woman I hope to get more clear as time goes on.

But in the last 3 years alone, there have been situations that reflected I had holes in my childhood memories. Like I wasn't even there as a kid!

This startled me as I can remember every detail to the colour of the dress and time of day.

And I just couldn't remember...!

Not until the Stargate Opening of 11.11.2017, that I experienced massive downloads of WHO I WAS AS A SOUL.

I couldn't believe what was coming through until the implications of it FELT LIKE TRUTH to me.

I just knew...I experienced a Soul Exchange that day of the accident.

I am what is normally called, a Walk In Soul.

The original Soul of Karishma, had completed 'her' journey and was ready to transcend.

Myself, another Soul, from another Universe decided let's hop on to check out this Ascension process on the planet Earth whilst making myself useful along the way.

This Soul Exchange was the catalyst of my Spiritual Awakening. People all across the wake up with their specific triggers. Mine was this.

As of now, I am 9 years old on this planet. I understand my Purpose and my Passions. I still get difficulties adjusting to human life but that will be part of my trip here on Earth.

My abilities are such that I can 'see' your Purpose/Soul Blueprint floating around your Energy Field/Matrix. I can commune with all Higher Light Beings as I am a Channel. And I am here to share the philosophy and teachings of the Spiritual Awakening journey through my mentoring and book so that you know how to navigate ahead!

Now you know the type of Soul I am. I am sharing this with you because it is the right thing to do.

We are right now headed towards and are holding space for absolute disclosure and truth in all that we do and in all that we are. I felt it right to begin with Who I Am As A Soul.

I hope that this information helps you decide if I am the right Spiritual Awakening Guide for you.

Unicorn sparkles,


PS > I love Unicorns!

How May I Help?

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