November 5, 2018


Dear Awakening Soul,


Alignment is what seems to be calling to us right now. 


This November, downloads and Alignment is where we are being guided to hold space for. 


Being in Alignment for me has taken a long time and truthfully speaking, I wish I knew what I know now then where I was 10 years ago when I experienced my Awakening. 


So, instead of writing the usual blog like others do, I wish to use this platform to evoke, inspire and raise questions within your BEINGness so you can rise higher on your Spiritual Awakening journey.


Are you in alignment with your Soul's Purpose on this planet?

This would mean that you know what your Soul is here for and are already fulfilling it.

Our Soul's Purpose can evolve as there is no hard or fast rule.

And some times, what appears to be our Purpose, may not be. This is where the Law of Discernment and our own Intuition comes to play to together. Working together with our Higher Self and Guides will help us greatly here.


Are you in alignment with the lessons you need to transcend in this lifetime?

This will be a typical day in the life of any Awakening Soul. 

Some days are great. Some days we falter. But, as long as we get back on track, I think we are pretty much sorted. Being aware of our lessons on earth makes it all that more convenient on this spiritual journey. Yes, we are here to learn lessons for Earth is a school. No, there is no time limit. How fast you want to go is up to you.


Are you in alignment with Mastering your Energy?

Something new I have coined to denote the cleansing, purification, protection and blessing of your Energy field. 

We are all different with what resonates in Mastering our Energy. For some, a bubble of Light is the best protection. For others, using  a crystal to link to Divine Source Energy is perfect to recharge one's self.

Our energetic needs will be different from others so notice what works for you.