Everything You Need To Know About Your Mission of Light

1) What is your Mission of Light?

That's something I coined to mean your Mission on earth. Yes, it's Light because we are all made of Light.

Your Mission, which you choose to create and execute, is made of information stored in Light form. You and your Divine Guides plus the Karmic Board and all of the Cosmic Hierarchy got together to plot a course for you whilst you're in school on Earth.

It is your purpose, a direction, you will take, a service that will flow through you that just comes naturally to you.

It feels natural and it has nothing to do with how much money you will make and what you get out of it. It simply...IS...a purpose.

2) Why do I have a Mission?

We all have a Mission. We are all created for a purpose. We are all reflections of All That Is, expressing It-Self in various shapes and forms to experience It-Self in infinite ways.

The Mission is a way for All That Is, to experience this journey through you.

All That Is is purposeful and everything will have a reason for it being there.

3) How do we find this Mission?

Simple. No, really it is.

You don't find it. Your Mission finds you.

No, I am not being cryptic and Yoda-like.

Your Mission finds you when you are ready to embrace it. Normally, you start to experience that 'there is more to life' and 'you feel you have a purpose on earth' and 'it is time to find your purpose'...

Sounds familiar?

If you are experiencing this, you are clearly in the 1st stage of Spiritual Awakening. This is where you are waking up to your Ascension path and the remembrance of who you are as a Soul on a journey here on Earth.

You will JUST KNOW when you are ready to fulfill your Mission and this when your Mission is revealed to you.

Your Mission reveals itself more and more, the higher in vibration you resonate.

Communicate with your Divine Guides to show you your Mission.

If you can't wait and you want to know now, just Book a Channeled Reading with me and I will help you channel the information through your Divine Guides plus steps to get started.

4) Does everyone come with a Mission on earth?

Of course, yes. Just that some of us are more aware to get started immediately.

Remember, our Mission can as simple as being a

Mother(the greatest role in the world) who needs to take care of her child. It can be as simple as someone who needs to plant trees in their garden.


It can be as complex as starting a community of organic farming. It can be as complex as developing your own energy healing modality from your star system

Everyone's Mission plays a BIG part in the whole picture. We are each holding a piece of the puzzle that completes it all. And each piece is IMPORTANT!

5) Why is it so important to get started on our Mission?

The Cosmic Hierarchy and our Higher Selves have a plan that we will reach the Golden Age by a certain time. Right now, it is the year 2032 or earlier.

We are seeing GREAT changes all across the world. People's awareness of integrity, honesty, peace, love, bliss is becoming more. Tolerance of each other's differences is on the rise. Respect for each other's presence is becoming the norm.

The amount of Light on the planet is unprecedented!

Us moving along with our Mission anchors more of this Light on the planet. The more of us remember and start our Mission, the more this Earth will finally reach the peace we have all desired.

6) Why do I have a Mission on Earth?

You see, Earth is a school. We come here to learn and grow through our Soul's evolution to ascend higher. And Earth is like the accelerated fitness program for the Soul!

You get through Earth, you can do ANYTHING!

We have a Solar Plexus center in our energy field, yes? Same way, Earth is the Solar Plexus center for the Universe. So, Earth is where we process ALL FEAR.

This is the place we finally OWN our power.

Why do you keep hearing that phrase 'own your power' or 'take back your power' or stand in your power'?

Because Earth is the Power center for the Universe.

All of our lessons on Earth is steeped in us standing as an independent, Ascended Master who masters the lessons of duality, sacred feminine and masculine, ego, balance and control.

All qualities to understand, accept, respect and flow with sacred Power.

7) Once I know my Mission, how to get started?

This isn't where we become passive and just wait!

This is where we engage with our Divine Guides and Higher Self by asking 'What can I do to...?'

Ask them 'What can I do today to get going with my Mission?'

Ask this question daily. Everyday you will receive your answer. Follow through.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The more you engage with your Guides and Higher Self, the more connected you become with your Soul, your energy, your intuition and psychic gifts.

8) Is my Mission the same as my passions and interests?

Yes and no.

Our Mission is something we come here to DO. It's almost like we were created to do this.

Take my Mission for example, I JUST KNOW I am here to help awaken everyone to fulfill their Mission.

Be it through my videos, articles, meeting you, talking to you, just sharing my energy alone.

My energy signature, if I stand next to someone, automatically wakes the person up to their Mission!

That's how our Mission works. It's infused in our energy.

You will notice that once you start working on your Mission, your energy alone will touch the people around you to awaken to a purpose that has everything to do with your unique Mission!

Your passions and interests can be related to your Mission or it can completely separate.

Singing to me is like breathing. Is it my Mission? Not exactly. But it makes me come alive.

Our Mission is WHAT we are here on Earth to do.

For some of us, our passions and interests IS OUR MISSION.

For others, our Mission and passions are separate but one fuels the other and/or one can't live without the other.

My singing and creative work fuels my JOY energy. The more joyous I am, the happier I become. The happier I am, the more I want to work on my Mission.

If you have more questions about your Mission, please ask them below and let's get a dialogue going!

The more we talk about this, the more we can start helping each other to move ahead with our unique and beautiful Missions of Light.

Unicorn blessings


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