3 Telltale Signs Your Mission Is Calling You

First sign...

When my Mission called out to me, it was in the early stages of my Awakening journey. This was back in 2010. The symptom was a constant thought in my head that went like. I couldn't get it out of my head. It was swirling over and over again. What was the thought?

I know I am supposed to be doing something but I can't remember what?!

This kept happening for a good year! I had already left a life that wasn't authentic to me, I had released friends who weren't healthy, I was shedding my energetic baggage...but I just couldn't figure out what was my Mission on earth.

My Mission of Light.

Next sign...

Your Mission also starts calling out to you when you start to notice things aren't happening the way it needs to be for you. Example, you have been successful at your job, you have put in all the effort, you have been doing your part and you have been reaping the rewards all this while. Then, slowly out of the blue...

What used to work before does not work any more

The same effort you put in is not enough any more, the rewards seem to be slipping away. You try different things, you hire outside help and you try and you try...but still. It's like it's not meant to work any more. No matter how hard, how smart...something is wrong. You just know it. You may have to take another direction.

Third sign...

You start to get messages from the Universe. A word seems to be in your mind a lot. A phrase in a song seems to resonate a lot. You keep being drawn to a particular way of life. Something. But it's there...

The Universe sends you the same message repeatedly.

You can't help it. You keep seeing the same thing everywhere. Your friends are sending the same meme to you, separately. A book about this topic falls in your hands and you know you have to read it.

All these symptoms happen together or separately. They usually come to you in the early stages of the Spiritual Awakening journey. To know which Awakening stage you are in, sign up for my FREE Spiritual Awakening Guide by subscribing to my website HERE.

If the above 3 signs resonate with you then...

Your Mission is calling you!

The Universe is answering your Soul to begin what you came on earth to do. And this thing that you are here to do, only YOU can do it.

It is time for you to take the reigns of your unique Mission of Light and share it with the world.

It is time to say YES I HEAR YOU

It is time to Own your Mission

It is time to stop denying and accept these signs

It is time to acknowledge that the Universe is speaking to you

It is time...

Serving you in the name of the Light,


My Mission is to awaken Yours.

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