The Goddess Coded Woman

The Goddess Coded Woman is among us now.

She carries precious codes to unlock her own Mission and the Mission of others around her. Men and Women.

She is the Goddess Healer. She is the Goddess Teacher. She is the Goddesspreneur. She is Goddess Priestess.

She looks like me and you.

Except with what's going on in her heart...

She knows she's here for a big Mission but doesn't know yet what.

She knows she's here to stand up for all the wrong that's going on around her but may not know how yet.

She knows in her heart that her creativity is her strongest drive to connect with freedom but she is not aware how.

She knows she is becoming more and more psychic as her clairsenses are exploding beyond normal and somehow may not know how to harness it.

She knows she's here to help and wants to help everyone but can't figure out the means yet.

She feels the pain of many and may not realise her beautiful empathic gifts

She feels she can conquer the world some days and yet sometimes she feels drained.

She takes on the toxic energy of others without meaning to and is an energy purifier for her environment yet it leaves her breathless and tired.

She has patterns to clear and wounds to heal and wishes to start her healing journey but may not know where and how to begin.

She wants to own her sexuality without attracting the wrong people into her life and may not know how yet.

She knows she can manifest her dream reality, the reality she requires to flourish on this earth, but is not great at it yet.

She wishes for a tribe of like minded people to journey with her and would love to attract it now.

She wishes for a Divine Life Partner as the usual pick of the town does not satisfy her inner yearning of true empowered divine love of equality, bliss, purpose and passion.

This is the inner dialogue of the Goddess Coded Woman.

She is a Warrior. A walking talking breathing Priestess of the Sacred Feminine. Here to empower all to own their feminine gifts and balance their masculine energy.

Yes, she is feared. Feared by those who do not understand her mission on earth. Feared by men who want to control her. Feared by women who envy her.

But she will soon realise that this is part of her journey to become a trailblazer to unite men and women as true equals. She will understand and empower those who need her special gifts to empower themselves.

The Goddess Coded Woman or Goddess Woman is also Awakening rapidly on her Spiritual Journey

As she awakens, she must travel this road to uncover her Mission, release her limitations and heal all Soul Wounds.

Navigating the stages of spiritual awakening can be easier if she has a Spiritual Awakening Guide as a companion.

{See below receive the FREE Spiritual Awakening Guide}

Some days, it will be good. Some days, she will question the path. Her journey is all about owning her Sovereign Will upon her Self.

When she fully masters her journey, realises her Will conquers all, she will then begin to imprint her Energy onto the cosmos around her.

She will no longer be affected by the Matrix. She will become Cause over Effect.

It is within every Goddess Women to become the Queen of her realm

This is a fact no one can help her with. It is her own path to take for she has written it her Self to transcend the lessons she has come here for to learn.

Once her lessons have been learned, she will break the chains of mental enslavement and empower her Will to imprint upon earth, a heaven that is required for all Goddess Women and Men to thrive upon.

She will create what she desires, rewrite her life the way she wants it to and help others to do so.

Goddess Woman, it is time to regroup and come together

I know how you feel. I know what's going on in your heart and mind. For I was you, not too long ago. I had to go through my journey alone so I would know how you would feel every step of the way.

Crazy. Fucked up. Always wondering if I would make it. But, I made it. I had help. Help from the Higher Realms.

And now, I would like to help you do the same.

You will never need to go at it by yourself. You have me. And millions of others who will come together and unite for a greater cause to shine Light onto the world.

It is time to call on the others like you so we can unite as the Goddess Women that we are to fulfill our Mission, create our heaven on earth and live prosperously with ease and joy leading the way.

>I am creating a Goddess Empowerment Journey designed specifically for each Goddess Woman to uncover her Mission, release her limitations and heal her Soul Wounds so she can live with abundance, peace and joy! For good!!!

What This Journey entails:

1) Working with me closely for a limited period

(minimum 2-3 months and maximum until you tell me we are done) to get you empowered and on your way; yet I'm always an email away

2) Discounted Goddess Coaching energy exchange as it is commitment from both our sides.

Journey energy exchange USD$155 per hour

Normal energy exchange USD$200 per hour

3) A Goddess Woman Facebook community with like minded women who would also love to meet and collaborate with you

4) Mini Goddess Retreats to awaken your Goddess Codes and anchor your Guardian Goddess Guides that will be helping you with your Mission

If this is something you would love to be a part of, drop me an email at so I can send you a list of questions to design your Journey for you.

>If you enjoyed this work, share it with other Goddess Women who may just need to hear this today!

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