Embracing Your Darkness With Your Light

Do you own your Darkness? Do you know that it does exist within you? Are you learning to embrace it with your Light? Do you run away from it?

Very simple but real questions for the Spiritual Awakening soul, who is shedding and growing continuously.

Our Darkness is not something we need to be afraid of.

It is a part of us, that also needs acknowledgement and care.

We are living in duality of Light and Darkness in a 3D world. For us to transcend to a higher dimensional life, transcending our Darkness is a must.

Transcending here means we acknowledge it, accept it and make peace with it.

Whilst living a higher dimensional life, just know that all you are doing is...


It isn't about 'killing' it at all. In fact, you can't kill it without destroying you!

Your Darkness shows you the opposite extreme of the Light within you.

And at any time in our life, we are making a choice of whether we want to avoid our Darkness or make peace with it.

So, if you are hearing people tell you to 'conquer' or 'overthrow' or 'destroy' or 'remove' your Darkness...honey, please...it doesn't work that way!

No matter what we will do, there will be a Shadow side to us. There is no point avoiding this. It's all about 'knowing' the Shadow and moving through it.

One example I like to give is this...

If you met me 10 years ago, I would be all scared to write a book and go on YouTube to share my healing work. The Ego was in control, highlighting ALL MY FEARS of WHY I would be a failure at it, and I would fail before I tried and this and that, which is the Shadow.

Today, I don't really care what people think of me. My mission is my number one priority. So, whether I share it through this article, through a podcast, through a YouTube video, then I am fulfilling my job.

Yes, there is a chance I will fail. Yes, there is a chance no one will hear me. Yes, yes and yes...

But, sitting on my ass and doing nothing is completely unacceptable to me!

So, what I do is...

1) Connect with the personality of my Ego

When I meditated on what my Ego looked like, it was an old woman who's just a scared person, never tried anything in her life and is so good at complaining about everybody else and how rotten life can be.

Like a nagging know-it-all aunt! We all have one, don't we?

Naming your Ego and giving it a personality, really helps in demystifying this Shadow side of your Self.

I'm calling her Aunt Henrietta, with her perfect nails and perfect hair, smoking a long cigarette puffing away.

Now, I know what she looks like and what her expectations are. She doesn't think I'm good enough and feels that I will NEVER make it in life.

Ok then...But, I know better!!!

2) Pow Wow with your Ego

I sort of have a pow wow with this 'aunt' and tell her that look... no matter what... I have to do what I have to do. I have heard what you have to say. You do what you want to do but it doesn't mean I am going to listen to you. Because my work is more important that your complaints.

And I go on about my business and do what I need to do! Despite the fact, that yes...there is some fear that things can and will go wrong.

But, I live Divinely Guided, which means that I am trusting my Intuition. And my Intuition has never steered me wrong! So, I proceed anyway. With anticipation, prayer and surrender that whatever happens will be right for all.

3) Getting real with my triggers and wounds

I will only react with fear if I am being triggered by the situation. This would be that there is Core Wound within still bleeding and in need of attention.

Hence, why Aunt Henrietta (Ego) would highlight it in her own special way!

I sit with my triggers and FEEL why they are there. I go deeper and find the Core Wound that needs healing. I proceed with self care and self love in doing what is necessary to heal the wound.

After a while, I won't react to a similar trigger because the wound healed. I thank Aunt Henrietta and move on.

4) Our Darkness is really the Dark Goddess within us

SHE is Light and Dark. For thousands of years, the Dark Goddess has been suppressed by a system that sought to ruin the Divine Feminine is us all.

SHE is Shakti, the Universal Energy that needs to be expressed in every way. The expression is supported by the Divine Masculine.

But, for so long has SHE been suppressed that all SHE needs is to be heard. And you will hear HER through your Womb.

Her cries, her sexual repression, sexual shame, ancestral guilt, mother wounds, powerlessness...SHE needs to express HER-SELF.

This is done through sitting in a dark sacred space and tuning into your Womb, especially during your Bleed or a Full Moon. Let HER express HER-SELF.

Journal it out. Cry it out. Scream it out. Meditate. Silence. Bathe.

For in HER expression is HER freedom. And HER purge is your purge.

The above describes how I embrace my Darkness with my Light. I admit there are other ways to do it. But, the point is...

Embrace your Darkness. Embrace your Dark Goddess.

Your are Light and Darkness. The same sides of the Universal Mirror.

How will you embrace your Darkness with your Light today? Do share.

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