7 Ways To Embrace All That You Are

You are the Universe in motion.

You are an ever expanding mist of pure magic.

You have no beginning.

You have no end.

These words help us realise that we are pure Energy. At our essence, our core, at our pure BE-ingness...we are Energy.

There have never been a more auspicious time than now to embrace this fact. When we realise that we really are just pure Energy, everything changes.

We are immortal Souls having a beautiful human life.

We are on Earth school to experience some very powerful lessons to help us evolve as Souls on this journey.

One such lesson is to embrace all that we are.

Embracing all that we are requires us to be authentically accepting of who we are. Not what the world wants us to be or how we think we need to be. But, purely who we are. Good and bad. Owning our talents. Standing in our power. Being ourself.


This lesson came to my life recently. I was hugely struggling to just be a Spiritual Empowerment Coach. But that's not ALL that I am.

I am also a Creative Spark. I have in me creativity that is bubbling like wildfire! It does not wish to be contained any more.

My creativity desired to flow loud and wide. It desired a voice. Why was I not giving it that voice? Because I was still trying to fit into a mould of just being one profession.

Because I haven't seen many people who were more than just one profession and owning it. If there was no such example around me then I just had to lead by example then. Period.

I have always been a creative child but there was never any encouragement or direction to allow these energies to find an outlet. It was a different time then. But now, I can do something about it. I have the power to do so. And I want to do it!

I am embracing my Spiritual Coach, I am embracing my Creative Goddess, I am embracing my Writer, I am embracing my Singer. The more I started to embrace all of me, I felt myself relax and...something else started to happen. I felt myself expanding...! Yes, expanding!

Almost as though space was being created within me to receive all that I needed to be. Because there must be more of what is going to flow through me by me just embracing all aspects of my BE-ingness.

And I realised, the more we embrace all of ourselves, the more we expand to receive what the Universe desires to gift us.

I am owning it. My Multi Passionate Goddesspreneur Soul. And I am now completely relaxed. At ease with myself...Finally.

Are you also in the midst of embracing all that you are? Are you also finding difficulty owning your Multi Passionate Soul?Let me share with you what I have experienced, in hopes to inspire you to greater heights...

1) Trust Your Intuition

I felt that just being a Spiritual Teacher and Healer was not the be all and end all of who I was. I had all the fancy qualifications and experience but I was missing something...


I loved writing. Drawing. Colouring. Mandala making. Henna-ing. Jewellery making. Anything creative. I just had to create! If I wasn't creating, it was not ME. I wouldn't be in my flow.

Why am I not showing this side of me to the world? What was I so embarrassed about? Being judged for my creativity?

It felt so wrong not showing the world this side of me because it was a HUGE part of me! And the more I hid it, the worst I felt.

I felt in my heart and gut that the Universe was nudging me to show the world not just one part of me, but all of me. And that meant, showing the world my creative work.

My Intuition guided me to share my work on Social Media and... it's been amazing! The support, the orders, making new products...I am over the moon!

My Intuition rocks! Trusting it has brought me joy. Eternally grateful to my Intuition...

Click on my Creative Instagram account and view my creations!

2) Honour Your Feelings

I had to really dig deep within my feelings. What was I feeling about my work? My career? My Sacred Service? Was this all that I had wanted it to be?

I started FEELING my way through the process. This is also something I teach my clients always. Our feelings are the Divine GPS that connects us to our Intuition. And our Intuition is the GPS to guide us forward in our life.

My feelings were of sadness and frustration because I felt incomplete. I was showing the world only half of me. That of my Spiritual profession. Not the Creative.

I tuned into my feelings to see how I would feel if I had showed the world all of what I am. The Singer. The Artist. The Author. And wow...


I felt at One with myself. At peace. Completely at ease. Like you know you have done the right thing.

If my feelings felt like this then why would anything bad happen if I showed the world ALL OF ME. So, I took a leap of faith and asked the Universe to meet me halfway.

I have never been happier...

3) Stop Caring What Will People Think

We are the only ones living our lives. There is no one else living it for us. Something I had ingrained within me when I woke up 7 years ago due to the Spiritual Awakening process.

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For someone who was a people pleaser all her life, I had only anger and toxic energy within me due to such a rotten way of thinking. And by the way, these people were never there when I needed them the most! So, I stopped caring about what people thought about me. The way I looked, the way I was, the way I wanted to lead my life.

My spiritual healing over the years helped me forgive and release all that negativity from caring what people thought of me. I feel good now. At peace now.

And I also know that I am here to bring massive change for the greater good of the planet and humanity. I have never been and will never be part of the herd. I am a leader. A Light Warrior. A Change Maker. A Way Shower.

People like you and me will always have to pave our own paths. That's just how it is! It has its challenges but I tell you... your path will always be yours and yours alone. It can never be duplicated by anyone else!

Forget everyone else and focus on YOU...

4) Love Yourself Unconditionally

Loving myself unconditionally has been a journey for me. When I think I can't love myself any more, there is always space to love myself more! That's because Love is Infinite. And so are we.

Loving ourselves unconditionally helps us accept all parts of ourselves. The small. The big. The rotten. The beautiful. All parts of us. That makes us who we are.

I was shy and afraid of being judged by people. That they would think I am a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Now, why would I think like that of myself? Obviously, I didn't have faith in myself enough to know that if the Divine wants to express Itself through me in various ways, who am I to stop it???

My writing, my music, my art, my jewellery...is coming from a place greater than myself. I needed to honour that. And I was at a point that I could not ignore the inner longing of BEING ALL OF ME.

If the Divine wished to express Itself through me like this then there was a purpose behind it. And I had to trust in that flow. I had to love myself enough to trust in the process and just be the Instrument of the Divine. If my creativity was meant to be revealed, it was meant for a specific audience. It was meant for that special someone who needed it the most. And perhaps, I was the only one who could deliver that.

My talents are a part of me. I am a Divine Spark. That means I am made of Love. So, these talents are also made from Love.

I started loving my talents instead of shunning them. I started honouring them by giving them an outlet of expression. It still is a journey, but I am taking baby steps. All while I love every step, every turn, every corner, every inch. Each talent will find its path through me as I love myself enough to step aside and allow it.

5) Knowing Your Core Vibrational Frequency

It was only very recently that I shifted my Core Vibrational Frequency from "I Don't Feel Enough" to "I Feel Enough". This was the biggest shift that took place in my life because everything in my life depended on what frequency I was resonating. The minute I shifted...my life shifted.

I am no longer a victim. I am taking responsibility for all my actions. I am all that I am. And I feel enough!

Because I feel enough in every way, I am owning myself, loving my all. Previously, I wasn't because I was resonating in lack and scarcity. Now, as I resonate with Enough, I align myself with the Divine.

The Divine is Enough, is Abundant, is Love. It is Infinite. And so am I.

Getting to the Core Vibrational Frequency takes some time and a lot of inner work. I highly re

commend taking your time here and not rushing the process. Because if you haven't dealt with layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, clearing curses or vows from all of your lives, you can easily fall back into old patterns. And the process becomes that much more complicated.

Ask yourself 'What vibrational frequency are you resonating in?'






What is it? Dig deep here. To give you a clue, notice your life, your relationships at home and at work. Is it feeling abundant and enough? Or is it feeling scarce of full of upset? Where do you feel enough? Where don't you?

(Work with me to figure this out so you can start vibrating at ENOUGH and at LOVE and ABUNDANCE)

6) Knowing Your Mission On Earth

Knowing your mission or purpose on this earth will happen very naturally during Stage 1 of the Awakening process. Questions like "I know I am meant to be doing something but what is it?" will start to float around your mind.

This is because you are ready to fulfill the purpose. You are ready to shed all that no longer serves you to manifest this mission.

Your mission is a part of who you are and why you incarnated in the first place. Once you know, it fuels your journey forward. It becomes You. And accepting your purpose means accepting You.

By honouring our purpose, the Universe provides for us financially, spiritually, mentally, physically and in every other way.

And I was only living half of my purpose. That meant honouring only half of me. I was not able to sustain myself properly. But the minute, I started honouring all parts of me, the Universe started opening doors for me.

What is my purpose? To bring empowerment to women on their Spiritual Awakening journey. How? By writing my book on Spiritual Awakening, by creating Sacred Jewellery to raise their vibrational frequency to clear toxic energy, by creating Sacred Art for manifesting their desires easily, by creating Sacred Music to ease their soul and...more to come.

Own your purpose fully and completely...

(Preorder my book, The Awakening Woman - understanding the stages of Spiritual Awakening)

7) You & Your Gifts Are Needed

There can be no other like you on this planet. Just because I started making jewellery a few short months ago, doesn't mean there is someone else who can do it in the exact same as I do!

I had to get over that, myself!!!

Besides, no one else coaches people the same way like I do. There are a million coaches out there. They all have their own magical touch.

When we start to see we are unique, we understand our gifts are unique too. And the way we deliver and share our gifts will also be uniquely different.

Just like there are a million doctors but each are gifted in their own special way. You are born with your special gifts to be shared to bring Love and Light onto this world.

More than ever, our gifts are needed on this planet now. Our brand of magic is being called upon to be shared openly. Yes, that takes courage. But, we had it within us all along.

I know one thing for sure. When I knew in my heart I could sing, I knew there would be a platform for my music. Somehow, I have known. It isn't to be the next Grammy award platinum artist perhaps, but there is a platform for my music. And I am working with the Universe to connect with that platform.

You have gifts that need a platform, that's all. It may not be something that is usual and normal. So, start by being your own kind of normal first. Own your power and know you are unique. That's halfway the journey already. The rest is about what you have read so far and applying it. The Universe will have your back.

Courage comes from taking that step forward despite having some fear in your heart. We have the support and we are usually more ready than we think we are. It's all comes down to us and what we do to start...


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