How To Flow With The Full Moon

When we talk about the Full Moon, we are inundated with beautiful rituals, mysteries and the majesty of its power. Flowing with the Moon cycles have been a part of the human race for thousands of years.

How else are we to fish at the right season, plant crops at the right cycle, honour our menstrual cycle and access Universal manifestation energy?

The ancients were wise in teaching the masses of following the natural cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars and Galactic events. It was the only way to match your natural human cycle to the the Universal cycle. Why? Because everything is connected.

Let's take this lesson from the ancients that...

Everything is Connected.

Everything is Energy.

Everything is One.

What happens here can affect something or someone elsewhere because...

Everything is Connected.

Everything is Energy.

Everything is One.

Let's focus on the Full Moon today. We already know that the New Moon period is a time for birthing new projects, new ideas and new conditions in life.

But what is the Full Moon for? Why is it so significant that there are a billion rituals to honour this event every month. Well, just as we plant seeds during the New Moon, the seeds grow into seedlings leading up to the Full Moon. We have to make sure that we are removing all the weeds of blocks, struggles and hindrances that are preventing our heart felt desires to grow into their fullest potential.

How To Flow With The Full Moon

1) Channel The Energy Healthily

In the 14-15 days leading up to the Full Moon, our energy is heightened tremendously to match the growing belly of the Moon. Many of us have no idea what to do with this overly awesome energy!


Channel The Energy.

To what one may ask? Well, towards expending the energy healthily. The Universe is generous. You are being given the extra buzz, the extra high, the extra energy to move forward with your heart felt desire.

Eg. if your heart felt desire was to get fit and strong then guess what? Use that extra energy to sign up for a class you love, or watch an amazing YouTube fitness video and do it right at home! Either way, use that energy!!! That's what it's there for.

Eg. if you wished for a new life partner, what could you use the energy for? Well, for starters, clear yourself energetically of your past lovers, clear all old belongings of these people, create a home space where you and your new life partner would love to live in, do activities that you love knowing full well that your life partner may love to. Use that energy to flow in a space where you are already in a life partnership with an amazing person.

See how this works?

2) Full Moon Release Ritual

The Full Moon is when the project or idea's energy is at its highest. Sometimes, more than often, we experience some kind of blocks on that idea or project's path. This is only natural for everything is a journey. It is never a straight line.

Notice what seeds you planted during the last New Moon and what blocks, hindrances, struggles, challenges have come up as you journeyed towards the Full Moon.

'What you want the most, you also fear the most'

If you are creating new conditions in your life, you will be making significant changes in your current life. Therefore, things will have to change to produce the space for the new condition. You may have to let go of situations and people who weren't supportive of your new conditions. And this is where the Universe tests us to see if we are worthy enough to receive this new condition that we so longingly desire.

All your challenges, struggles and blocks will be highlighted leading up to the Full Moon. Why? Simple. So you can release them. Let them go. Send them to the Light. Make space for your new conditions to flourish.

Here's what you will need for a simple Full Moon Release Ritual:

Sacred Space


Essential Oils of your choice

Crystals of your choice

Pen and paper

A bowl to burn the paper

- Do this ritual under the Full Moon if it isn't raining or at a shaded place with the Full Moon shining upon you

- Place lit candles around you. Burn your essential oil to raise the vibrations of your space.

- Call in your Divine Guides to surround you in a Protection Circle of Light

- Call on the Energy of the Full Moon to fill you up and your space. Ground yourself into Mother Earth.

- Write down the blocks, situations or people that you are willing to let go and surrender to the Light that are hindering you from moving forward. Write it down 3 times each.

- Ask for your Divine Guides to bless you with empowerment, strength and grace. Then, burn the paper in silence.

- Lastly, call on your Divine Guides to bless you with images, guidance or messages on where you are with seeding and growing your heart felt desire, what blessings have come into your life and what can you anticipate. Allow this energy to flow into you and write it down.

- Thank your Guides and all Galactic forces for guiding you. Let the candles burn away safely and step out of this space. You just completed a beautiful Full Moon ritual.

3) After The Full Moon

Once the Full Moon extends its beautiful power upon us, it will start to wane slowly leading up to the next New Moon. The energy during this time is to help us contemplate, revise and rework how to better achieve our heartfelt desires.

For those of us who are sensitive to energy, we start to feel a little mellow, more resigned and sometimes peaceful. It really depends on the intentions we had set before and what is being required of us during this period.

We may be shedding more blocks if we are called to do so. And we will start to notice that we are clearer than before. The haziness or the hyperness has left us. The dust is settling. Just enjoy the flow.

Sometimes, we receive prophetic dreams, visions or messages regarding our heartfelt desire during this period. Sometimes, the energy to push on may not be there. Call on your Divine Guides to help you 'float' through this period whilst you are working on your heart felt desire or project.

The more we are tuned into the Moon cycle, the more we can honour our own natural rhythms and that of our environment around us. We even become more intuitive, accepting of a natural energy flow, more at peace with our own pace and generally more zen in our lives.

Hope the Full Moon brings us many blessings!

Love and blessings


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