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As I'm sitting here, I would like to tell you what's around me. I have one of the best views of the hilly green Wadestown view of Wellington, New Zealand on my left. I'm in a loving home of my soul tribe members whom I've known half my life. I have Nag Champa incense wafting around me. I have my Unicorn mug full of water. I have my crystals who are supporting me. I have my beautiful Ikea heart pillow from a unicorn princess.

I'm in a good place. Yep. I am.

And I need to start accepting that I am in a good place. After 7 years of being on my Awakening journey, it's that time to stop and enjoy what's around me. I usually never do. So, now I must.

Is this a blog on gratitude? No, not really. It's about...


You see, there is a stage on our Awakening journey, which is in the 3rd Phase of Living Abundantly Through Purpose, where we start to use the 5D Principles of Life. One of them is the understanding that life is not about working for money anymore.'s about Purpose. And allowing everything you need to to come to you to live abundantly through your purpose.

I'm living my Purpose fully now. What I described when writing this blog is what I desired for my life. To be living a life of service, enjoying the life and receiving the abundance.

But when I really think about it, where is the money behind my work? And I have been struggling to understand why am I not making the money I am supposed to be doing the work I love?

Until it dawned on me that that was a 3D way of life! We no longer need to do that. Now, it may see lofty and ridiculous! I know because I thought the same way. How are we supposed to survive and eat? Pay rent?

Aren't we supposed to financially independent? Financially stable? But honey, money is slowly going away and soon we will have a world of energy exchanges and being of service fully.

I received this download some time ago. That once you are on this stage of your Awakening journey, you will have to rise higher in vibration to meet your purpose, live it fully and receive what you need to support that.

But what about money? What about buying things? I mean, like going for massages, and dinner?

Just ask for it, they said.

Yes, they. Who's they? My Divine Guides. Right now, I have Ascended Master Lady Nada, assisting me on my journey to Live Abundantly Through Purpose. This is Phase 3 of the Awakening Journey, as what has been downloaded into me. I have shared the Spiritual Stages of Awakening on my Facebook page as a LIVE podcast. Do check it out so you know which you are at!

Back to the blog...

We always have some Higher Light Being over-lighting our journey to bless us with their Light so that we can accelerate easily on our Awakening journey.

When She said just ask for it, it made me stop to think about this one. In the past I have written down what I needed from the Universe, placed it in my altar and somehow I would receive it. My desires will always come somehow. As long as they FELT right, I can SEE them in my mind and they FELT real to me.

This was a big clue in Manifesting for me.

You see, being a Lightwarrior, of a 9th Dimensional realm, I was never comfortable with money. It didn't make any sense with me as to why must there be some kind of value to the product or service. I mean, how do you know there is a price for it? Why is there a cost to it?

I come from a world where we are of service fully and abundance is everywhere. We can manifest with our thoughts and bring to life anything we need at that moment. There is no resistance to our own powers and abilities. We just know we can.

This is where Lady Nada came to remind me of my powers. I love this woman!!!

It isn't the money that we truly need. It is what the money can buy and bring for us.. A car, house, holiday, a great dinner, movie tickets...anything.

Yes, but how do we live like that? What happens to paying rent and buying groceries then? You can't expect me to just listen to you, Karishma?! I have children to feed also!

Then, why don't we start slow. After all, you are shifting from a 3D to a 5D state of being. You are receiving 5D templates so why not try it out? Just know that allow yourself to take time to understand, process and implement.

Why don't we start slow as you shift from 3D money to 5D Abundance?

List Of Desires

I have been writing down what I wish to bring into reality in my life. Everything is in present time. Ensure that you what you list down is EXACTLY what you need and write it in present time.

Must Resonate & Feel Right

With each desire, it has to FEEL right where I can SEE it in my mind's eye. It has to FEEL real to me like I already have it in my life. I am able to SEE it too. Like if I close my eyes I can picture it. If either I can't SEE or FEEL then it's not right. Combine your feelings and vision and FEEL with your body. The right kind of desire that you want will resonate with your body.

Remove Time Deadline

Why must you plan for what you want you in 5 years time? Why can't you just have it now. What you desire is just a vibration away! Let me repeat that...

What you desire is just a vibration away!

That's why it has to resonate and feel right to you. And there is no time deadline because it can just come to you any time! Write it on your list of desires as though you already have it.

Align With The Law Of Attraction

If what we wish to bring into our life let's say is a relationship with a special someone, write it out as though you already have it. Describe it in detail. Just make sure it resonates with your body, IT HAS TO FEEL RIGHT!

Ok good. Now let's break it into smaller parts.

What is the step you can take for this relationship to come to you? Let's say, having closet space for your special someone. Have you done that? Well, go make space! What is another step you can take? How about making space for your special someone on your bed? Are you occupying the whole bed or is there space for them?

You see how this works? Align yourself with your desire in your physical reality. Act like it already is happening. Then watch the magic flow.

What About Money

The big question! Who said that money only has to come from working. What if it came to you for no reason at all?! When I asked myself that question, IT FELT SO RIGHT!

Exactly! What if money came to me for no reason at all?! I felt my body feeling all the tension of the past years of struggling with money, started to slip away.

Basically, I had this in-built thought that money is attached to working. That alone was causing me tension because I was never able to sustain enough. This is when I knew something was wrong here.

So, I wildly wrote on my list of desires

'250 dollars travelling money'

And you wouldn't believe what happened...I received it as a gift in the next couple of days!

I had released the Source of where money NEEDED to come from. And when I wrote that amount, IT RESONATED!

What I am sharing with you has been my research with Abundance for the last year. We are Master Manifestors and it's time we start Manifesting all that we need to bring into our life so that we can fulfill our purpose, enjoy our lives and live abundantly. We are meant to thrive and I believe that we have the environment, the consciousness and the tools to do so.

Karishma Gill - Lightwarrior

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