The Lightwarrior Chronicles - Life Purpose Tuesday #3

I am from a people who guard this side of the Universe. It wasn't too long ago when I heard the Clarion Call that a blue planet was in trouble and it needed volunteers to save it. Being First in Command, I immediately signed up, much to my Father's dismay. But he knew that the people that we are, we are here to serve for the greater good. He let me go with peace.

Adjusting to life on this planet was a horror! I had no idea that 3D was so dense. And what was all this being a little child all about? Aren't we here to rescue the planet? We need to get started right away! Come on people!!! Let's get a move on I say!

I believe these words were goo goo gaa gaa to my human parents then.

So, I tried telepathic communication with them. But they couldn't hear me either. Great! What do I do now?

School??? But why? I already know what I have to do here. I have been schooled before! Are you kidding me? Why do I need to know this?!

As you can see, my growing up here was quite horrific. I could never adjust to school. I was the dumbest kid in class for the longest time because this was now how I learned as a being.

Oh how I missed home...Can I not go back? This was a mistake. I'm sorry, Father, you were right.

'You can do this, Rhy'Ahn. You have what it takes. Only a select few were chosen for the mission because it would take great courage to withstand the 3D vibration'

'I can't...this was not what I signed up for'

'What were you expecting?'

'Slaying the enemy of course! That's what I do best! It's what I have been trained for'

'In this case, the enemy is not someone outside but very much inside'

'The enemy is inside me? Where??? How do I kill it?'

'Dear Rhy'Ahn *giggling* it's not a thing you can kill. It is something you will need to transcend'

'Transcend? You mean like our mystics? But that's not my job! I don't do all that travelling across universes and bending reality crap!'

'Language Rhy'Ahn!'

'Sigh...sorry...why am I transcending? I'm here to lay the smack down on bad guys'

'You are. The Call that you received is an inward that the volunteer takes to transcend a 3D way of life to the higher dimensions. You have never experienced 3D before. The journey you are about to take is to understand Duality, to know what it's like to have human emotions, to flow with feelings, to carry out your mission and transcend what they call the Ego'

'Mission? Now that's my word! What's the mission?'

'You are here to empower the Divine Feminine presence on this planet. You are a warrior after all and you were created Feminine. Now, you are also human. You are to bring what you know about Truth, Justice, Harmony and Oneness of our kind and merge it with the highest form of human living - Unconditional Love'

'You lost me...I am to do what now???'

'Many masters have come on this planet and transcended the lessons the Earth has to offer. For She is a Being after all. Gaia is her name. She will gift you the lessons you need to transcend what you are here to clear and transcend from your human ancestral lineage and all the Soul contracts you are here to complete'

'Wait, what??? I am clearing what now? I don't remember that!'

'I am reminding you Rhy'Ahn. 3D will cause certain amnesia and you will not remember much'

'Believe me! I would have remembered that!!! I wouldn't have come!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarhhhhhhhhhhhh'

'Relax and let me take you there. Breathe deep air into those lungs and flow it down to the earth. Expand that belly and release thoroughly'


'Now, go back to that meeting space with your Guardians before you became human'

'I'm there'

'Good. Listen to that is being said...'

'Oh are right! But I can't do all this. I am inexperienced. I am not trained for this mission'

'Hence why you will have help from your Guardians and many other Masters who will watch over you. You are not alone. Help is everywhere'

'What if I fail? What if I fail the Earth? Our people will never forgive me...'

'You are a 9th Dimensional being, Rhy'Ahn. There are others like you. Far more advanced than you. They will come onto your journey. Your Soul Family, for they are here too. You understand Manifestation, Law of One and Truth. These will be your weapons of Light. Our people know that'

'I have to live out this life, don't feels long'

'You are thinking like a human. It is a mere blip of your true Self, for there is no time where we are from, remember?'

' are right! *deep breath* what do I have to do?'

'First of all, embrace that you are here now. And there is a mission to accomplish. Yes?'


'Grow and understand the human way of life. For you are now a child of 2 universes. There is much to learn. Your mission will be revealed when you are of a certain vibration. You will be led to it'

'This sucks you know'

'Language Rhy'Ahn...'

'Sigh...ok ok. You are with me, Father?'

'Always. Now go be You'

And that was pretty much my revelation of how I came here, not too long ago.

I found my mission. I have my weapons of Light. I have been meeting my Soul Family. And slaying this enemy called Ego. Transcending? Yes, I have been transcending. It's pretty cool really. Detaching from drama. Love it.

Oh and did I mention part of the mission was meeting my Twin Flame? And another mission there? Oh for the love of stars...what was I smoking when I was signing up these Soul Contracts????

That story in the next post. Till then, chin up. You are doing an amazing job already. Because you are alive, breathing and reading this! Love you!


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Karishma (Rhy'Ahn Rel)

Picture credit goes to Artist completely. Love the image, don't you? Reminds me of home.

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