The Light Warrior Chronicles - Life Purpose Tuesday #2

The mission.

As a volunteer Soul who has come to the planet to serve, it has been an effin' wild ride!!! I know my other Star brothers and sisters out there will feel the same you know who you are.

It's all about the mission.

Some of us remember, some of us are still like 'what the hell was it?' and are floating around trying to figure it out. Let me help you out.

Your mission is what FEELS right to you. It is that force that pulls you forward to do something about IT. That IT is what we have to figure out. The Force. What is this Force? I know I have to do something, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out!

I know. I have been there not too long ago. Until my Divine Guides prompted me on something.

Work on shedding your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Raise your vibrations. Match the vibration of your Purpose.

Wait, hold up! Match the vibration of your Purpose?

Yes, match it. It is a vibration after all. Your Purpose holds Its own vibration. Match that vibration and resonance occurs. Your Purpose will download into your energy field.

What?!! OMG! That's it?

Yes, that's it.

Ok, so I got to doing it. I worked hard (it sucked!) on letting go of my limiting thought patterns and beliefs. I raised my vibrations. Becoming vegetarian helped a great deal as it raised my vibrations more. And then it happened!

I saw it! My Purpose.

What do you mean you saw it?

I mean, I effin' say my Purpose right in front of me!!!

I don't get it...

Look, one moment, I'm like shifting my beliefs to a higher thought pattern and wham! I saw myself and what it looked like my Divine Guides in like a meeting room of some kind. And we were discussion my MISSION ON EARTH!!!

Ok, what have you been smoking sister?

No, I'm serious!!! I saw this happening in front of me. And I felt it too. I just knew what I had to do. What my mission was. The details were being downloaded into me like water into a jug or something. It was the weirdest thing ever but hey I knew what my mission was!!! My Divine Guides were right! It downloaded into my system.

And from then on, I carried this vibration of my Purpose. It was a formidable feeling. Like a superpower that just got triggered. Now, I know how Spiderman felt! Ok, he was bitten by a spider but you know what I mean?!

No longer did I feel lost. No longer did I feel like I was going around in circles. I felt at One with myself. I just knew what I came here for.

Everything made sense. Why I didn't resonate with my studies?! Why I didn't resonate with the crowd?! I was different. I am here to do different things. Obviously!


The Lightwarrior Chronicles by Rhy'Ahn Rel Karishma Gill

Picture credit goes to Artist completely. Love her being at One with herself.

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