How To Balance DO-ingness & BE-ingness

I freaking love this picture as it describes my theme for this post. Picture credit to James Wolf Strehle. Love it!!

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How does this word make you feel?

I know you have been doing your inner shadow work. I know you have been working hard on healing yourself. I know you have been letting go, shedding old paradigms, renewing yourself and so much more. Yet...have you given much thought on Rest?

A small word isn't it? Now I am not talking about laziness and procrastination that you may want to account for as Rest. That's not rest, my friend. That is just plain avoidance. And you and I have been there, no?

But we pull ourselves together and remember why we are doing what we are doing. For those of us who are already living our purpose, we remind ourselves that the work we are doing is making a difference in our lives and that of others. We know we love what we do and sometimes it's ok to get a kick in the booty to move forward!

We move further and we make awesome shifts. We push and move and push and move. Now this is all great but you are being in constant Masculine energy then. And this is why sometimes we tend to procrastinate, we tend to avoid doing the things that matter most. Because we have been DO-ing all this while. The DO-ingness can makes us feel tired, worn out, running on fumes. We can't just be DO-ing. We have to focus on BE-ing as well.

Remind yourself that you are a Human BE-ing and not a Human DO-ing. And we are all about living a 5D life of living in balance of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

Divine Masculine = DO-ing

Divine Feminine = BE-ing

Once you grasp this, you are on your way to balancing your life!

Life is all about Balance, my friend. We are heading to a New Paradigm of Consciousness where a higher vibrational way of life will prevail.

- Where we don't have to seek out, we merely attract

- Where we FEEL if it's right first instead of jumping in straight

- Where we are Divinely guided to take the next step instead of forcing it

- Where there is a balance of DO-ing and BE-ing

So how can we shift into a Higher Consciousness living by understanding how and when to DO and BE? Let's take a look.

1) Balancing your DO-ing and BE-ing

How much have you been DO-ing and BE-ing today? Be honest with yourself. Has your DO-ingness been more than your BE-ingness? You will know by tuning into your body and how you FEEL. Are you feeling tired and worn out based on too much DO-ing? Or you know you are tired but you are pumped in the DO-ingness because it makes you feel alive? Or are you enjoying in the BE-ingness waiting for inspired action to come through? Or you are too afraid in experiencing BE-ness because you can't give yourself permission to rest? Where are you on this spectrum? Your body will tell you. Ask your body 'Do I need to DO or BE right now?'. Listen closely.

2) Letting FEAR or LOVE lead the way

Have you been DO-ing based on fear leading the way? Like if I don't do this, I won't get that. That already feels like some anxiety is mixed in! Feels icky. How about 'I love writing this post, it's gonna touch some people positively, I just know it'. That feels good. Comforting. What can you do to shift into LOVE leading the way?

3) When to DO and when to BE?

DO-ing comes from inspired action. You meditate on how to be of service for the day, receive a bomb diggity idea and voila you are making things happen! You are being Divinely guided to perform this task to be of service. And you will know when to stop because you will FEEL it. The energy will have worn off somehow and you chill.

Now if one is not used to BE-ing, schedule it in. This is what I call scheduling inspiration. The term Scheduling Inspiration came from my girl Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, the amazing YouTube star.

Schedule the BE-ing at least once in a day or a few times in between your DO-ingness. During your BE-ingness you can reorganise your thoughts, ground yourself with Mother Earth, listening to an inspiring song, get a massage, meditate and anything that help you to just BE. Especially for writer's experiencing a block, walk away. You need to BE to allow for inspired action or inspired ideas to flow through again. For me to BE, I love massages, a pedicure or BE-ing by the beach looking at the ocean.

When can you schedule your DO and BE so there is balance?

4) Why do need to BE and DO?

Balance. Plain and simple. It is what I have been dropping here and there in this post. You can't be DO-ing all the time. You are not going to love what you do then. You will start hating it. You will start to resent it. Take action only when it is inspired and you will notice the difference in your energy as you flow with the idea. When you start to schedule BE-ingness, you appreciate the steps it took you to get to where you are, it helps you REST, it makes you see the bigger picture especially when you are caught up in the details, it rejuvenates you so you can perform more inspired action steps later.

5) No set rules

Everyone's life is different. Scheduling your BE-ing and knowing when to DO will be different for me and you. Let's respect that. I can not tell you when to do what. And we must not judge others in the same manner. Everyone is only doing the best they can. Why don't we focus on ourselves to bring balance in our lives? This way, we can be of better service to ourselves and others. When we are balanced in our BE-ing and DO-ing, we can then help others to do the same.

How do you feel about REST now? Are you resting enough to DO? And are you DO-ing enough to enjoy your BE-ing? Play with your DO and BE and see how you can move things around. Cheering you on!



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