How To Create Your New Moon Ritual

New Moon rituals are a very personal journey. It's all about starting something new, calling on the energy of the Moon and the Cosmos to assist you and manifesting heart felt desires.

Making it your own ritual allows you to connect with the Divine and you become the Channel of what needs to happen for the best outcome.

Manifesting require Ease, Flow and Surrender. The best way to achieve this is to co-create with the Divine flowing through you and your highest good will come flowing to you with ease.


Now, let's get to creating our simple New Moon ritual. Consider this a basic template for your Moon work. Feel free to add your own personalised elements to the mix. Mix and match and make it your own.

What you will need are the following elements:

Quiet sacred space


Crystals of Abundance and Truth

Paper and pen/pencil

A wand to focus your energy/ Crystal wand

A Tarot deck/Oracle card deck


Pot for burning outdoors

Light music

Close your eyes and call on your Higher Power to send down Light all through your body and your New Moon ritual elements. Fill your aura and your space with this Light. Bring the Light through the ground and anchor it in the center of Mother Earth. Ask this Light to keep you safe and in a quiet zone during the ritual.

Next, focus on all the blocks, impediments, hindrances and resistance you are feeling at the moment. Allow them to come to the surface. Then, write it out on paper. Ensure that you release all this energy on the paper. You will feel relieved and then you will know you have released it all.

Take this paper and go outside to where your burning pot is. Say a small prayer to release all these blocks to the Light. Burn the paper completely.

Come back to your sacred space and connect back to the Light. Take a sip of water. Then, write out all your heart felt desires on paper. Ensure that it is written in present as though you already have it and it has come to pass.

Take your wand in your right hand and place your desires in your left hand. Raise the wand to the sky and ask the Light to charge it up. Feel the energy coursing through you via the wand. Direct this energy towards your desires now as you point the wand onto the paper.

Close your eyes and feel this process. You may receive messages, visions or thoughts about your desires. Let them flow through. Allow the energy of the wand to settle down. You will just know it.

Open your eyes. Your desires have been passed on to the Divine. Thank the process.

Place your desires down with the wand on top of it. Take your Tarot or Oracle card deck and do a simple reading for yourself to bring you any additional messages. Notice the images and messages of your reading. Thank the Divine for your loving message.

Call on your Higher Power to bless the water with the blessings you have just received. Drink the water calmly.

To close the ritual, thank your Higher Power and any Divine Guides that have joined you. Place your desires on your altar or crystal grid with your wand and crystals on it until the next New Moon for review.

May you have a beautiful New Moon manifesting journey!

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