10 Ways To Navigate New Moon Highs And Lows

New Moons are all about new beginnings.

The energy is ripe to begin new projects and to also assess ongoing projects to see what 'new-ness' can be added to them.

The year 2017 is all about getting clear on your life's purpose, clearing your energetic baggage and getting honest with what's working and not working in your life. The Universe is really coming into our faces telling us to wake up!

It is time to be the Lightworker you signed up to be.

Put those together and this is what happens.

The Universe is pushing us to BECOME the Lightworker we are meant to be as the New Moon signals LET'S START NOW!

The Light is pouring in, raising our vibrations and healing our emotional wounds. So, let's bring in these Energy lows or woes some of us are experience during the New Moon.

Lethargy. Grogginess. Zombie expression. Can't keep your eyes open.

What does this mean?

You are being upgraded to a higher vibration.

You are also anchoring new fifth dimensional energies of Love, Peace and Harmony onto the planet. Think of yourself as an anchor. The Light pours through your body into your energy field and into the environment around you.

This raises your vibration and the vibration of your environment. You will feel tired because your 'internal software' is adjusting to the high vibrational energy.

You are shifting from a carbon based human to a crystalline based New Human.

Your cells, muscles, bones and all the way down to your atomic structure is being transformed into a Light based body.

Pure alchemy.

This is like an atomic explosion within your very Being-ness! There is a lot of energy being used hence the tiredness. And with the New Moon's energies of starting something new, a lot more energy is expanded.

Once it's done, you feel brand new. You feel better than before. Clear headed and it's like you are breathing fresher air. Great, right?

But when you are going through it, what do you do? How do we navigate the brain fuzz? Here are some of the ways you can work through it.

1) Rest

One can not say that enough! Your body is going through mega explosions of energy all over the place and with all that jazz, your body can use a break. The rest helps to ease this process because you are allowing it.

2) Listen your body

You body knows best during these upgrades. If you need to sleep, please do so. If you need to exercise, please do so. If you need to eat, please do so. Listen to what the body needs at the time.

3) Tweak your plans

If you are in for a hectic day, try switching things around so you can accommodate slowing down or resting. Yes, you can do it. Because you matter!

4) Prioritise YOU

You are important here. It's happening to YOU. Take care of you. Listen to You. And the Universe will bless you for it.

5) Energetic Protection

Think of yourself shedding an old skin for the new skin to surface. Like a snake shedding its skin. They are usually vulnerable during the shedding process. Same like you. You are the most vulnerable during the upgrade period. When you know you are being upgraded like this, protect yourself energetically. Below are some interesting ways of protection:

- Call on Archangel Michael to surround you with his Blue Light.

- Place Black Tourmaline crystals around you in a protection grid.

- Sleep with calming crystals that resonate with you like selenite or blue calcite.

- Clear the space with a candle flame or sage.

- Imagine yourself zipped up in an energetic cocoon. Really visualise the thickness of the cocoon, how you want it to feel inside and what feelings and thoughts you want to let into your cocoon. Go all out with this one.

6) Trust the process

The upgrade will last as long as it needs to. Let it happen naturally. There is no need to resist or focus on negative thoughts like 'Why me?'. You are the Lightworker the world needs and your upgrading is to serve you and the world. Let it happen, love. Trust and have faith.

7) Reach out to your tribe

You need support and some positive vibes at time. Let your tribe know so they are aware are able to help you if you need it.

8) Energy healing

A great way to help the upgrade go smoothly. The energy healing will remove any inner resistance and give you a far more pleasant experience.

9) Being grateful

Feel grateful that what you are experiencing is in fact, a gift. You are being upgraded so that you can live a better, high vibrational life. Be grateful for the process and the next step of the journey.

10) Look forward to the positive end result

You do feel better afterwards. You may develop new ideas for a business, collaborate with some exciting new partners or travel to a new destination that resonates. All to match your Soul's purpose. The Universe knows what It's doing and will take good care of you.

It may sound cliched but everything is happening for a reason. You can do this and you will move through it slowly and surely.

Happy surfing the New Moon waves!

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