Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Our realities around us are a true reflection of what we are thinking and feeling.

Look around your life. You are a holographic projection of the Universe Itself. Your immediate bubble of a life is a holographic projection of your thoughts and feelings. What are you thinking about? What is it that you are feeling? It's ok. I can tell you. Because I am looking at your life around you. I can see EXACTLY what you are thinking and feeling.

Your life is not someone else's external responsibility. It is your own. I used to blame everything and everyone around me. Until I watched the Law of Attraction, I read and watched all of Abraham Hicks, I read quantum physics and what was being channeled through me by Higher Light Beings.

It was quite obvious that it was ME who was controlling my own LIFE!

I was the one creating my own reality.

Until I fully understood the extent of the damage I was causing to my own life and to the people around me, I started reading up on Louise L. Hay and anything to do with AFFIRMATIONS!

Affirmations have now become my allies in rewriting my life script. You see, we are in charge of our thoughts, feelings and what we are saying to ourselves and others consciously and unconsciously.


​And we are unaware of our own power. For the longest time, we kept thinking we are slaves to the system and there is no coming out of it. But now as we have understood and become aware of the Ascension process and how we are all shifting higher in vibration, we are beginning to remember that we are all Souls having a Human experience.

This is the beginning of US taking back our power as sovereign beings of Love and Light.

Again, I will say it...


We just did not know our power's true potential. Let me do the honours...


Our thoughts, feelings and words control our life.

Look around you. See what is going on around you. Are you satisfied with what is happening in your life? Where in your life are you struggling? Take a good look. Alright, now understand this....


That's right. You read my words right!


If you thought that your life is going to be just like your parents and your ancestors before you, think again. If you are reading this and are on this planet now, YOU WERE CHOSEN TO COME ON THE PLANET TO BRING CHANGE!

You were chosen, yes! And you carry with you Light codes and innate spiritual knowledge to shift your life in amazing ways that can and will break the cycle of human suffering and strife that has plagued the planet and society for thousands of years.

You were not born to suffer.

You were born to THRIVE.

If you are here right now, at this time of us moving towards a brand new Golden Age of Spirituality and Light through the Ascension process, you incarnated to make a difference within our society and our planet.



Ok how do I change my life you might ask? Simple. Change the story you are telling yourself.

What do you mean story, Karishma?

Your story.

What are you telling everyone around you?

What are you talking about?

What are you reading?

What are the words your family and friends are saying around you?

What are you feeling at least 70% of the day?

Happiness? Joy? Or Suffering? Struggle?

Get real with me here.


That would EXACTLY BE the ENERGY you were VIBRATING out into your current REALITY.

You bet. Read these words again.

That would EXACTLY BE the ENERGY you are VIBRATING out into your current REALITY.

Whatever you have been thinking or feeling, you are sending out like a signal into your current environment. And since Energy is Everything, it manifests to EXACTLY what it is you are saying, thinking or feeling.

Get real people!

Look around you. You made it happen. The pain, the suffering, the joy, the happiness. ​It's all YOU.

And please read this part especially...

Only You are and have been responsible for your choices.

We can't blame others for the choices that they have made. But at any time and any place, we can wake up and say... Enough! I am changing my life!

Yes, you would have also incarnated with various other 'learning program's to overcome on your soul's journey. Make no mistake that yes it can be challenging at times.

This is where we need to come together as a Soul community to remind each other that we are all POWERFUL CREATORS.

And that at any time, we can change the outcome based on our choices, thoughts, feelings and words.

Where would we start?

1) By acknowledging what is the story we have been telling ourselves and others.

What is your story? Eg. I am never lucky in love? I always wind up in debt like my parents? People disrespect me all the time? My job does not bring enough money? What is your story?

Write it out. Take paper and pen or type it out. What are things you have been saying to yourself and other people?

What is the programming you are adhering to that is limiting and full of lack? Get honest and write it out.

2) Once you have written it out, notice how you current reality is a reflection of what you just wrote. You will surprised!

3) Get in touch with a trusted coach or mentor who can help you dig and dive deep into your belief systems to excavate ALL the limiting thought patterns and behaviours that have been holding you back all this while.

Working with a trusted coach has worked wonders for me as we always need help to improve ourselves.

If you are superbly psychic and are able to tap into your Divine Team of Light, ask them to bring to surface all these limiting and lack based thoughts and behaviours.

Whenever I call on my Divine Team of Light, they are always there for me. Just ask and your request will be fulfilled.

4) Once you have ALL the lack based thoughts and behaviours, work with your coach and mentor or your Divine Team of Light to find out WHERE and WHEN you took on these thoughts and behaviours.

Was it from your parents? Society? Did you just make it up yourself? Usually, you will find that it is either learned or we created them.

5) Now, let's work with our coach or mentor or our Divine Team of Light to bring us the best healing affirmations to REPLACE all of the limiting thought patterns and behaviours.

These affirmations will be based on abundance consciousness and our innate spiritual identity.

What does that mean? Your affirmation will need to FEEL REAL AND NATURAL TO YOU.

As you write out these affirmations, notice how you feel about them. Do they feel real? Positive? Natural? On a scale of 1 to 10, what number would you give your affirmation? If it isn't a Perfect 10, rewrite the affirmation. Once you achieve your Perfect 10 affirmations, you are ready.

6) This is when we will need the most help. We are changing our life from the inside out. So far, we have noticed all the words, thoughts and feelings that we were 'carrying' all this while that created our old story.

Now, we want to create a brand new story. Therefore, consciously and subconsciously, we will need to integrate our new Perfect 10 affirmations into our life as though it was the most natural thing for us.

- We can use Mirror Work based on Louise L. Hay, where we read our affirmations out loud whilst looking at ourselves in the mirror. This is a POWERFUL process as we are reprogramming our energy directly, looking at ourselves, into the depths of our soul.

- We can record these affirmations and play in the background whilst we work.

- We can set alarms throughout the day reminding us to read out our affirmations.

These are some of the ways we can use to start changing and shifting our life stories.

The more we speak and feel our affirmations especially, our lives will change accordingly.

You will start to notice a difference within you. These affirmations are of a higher vibration as it resonates with your spiritual identity, your Soul.

Thus, the higher vibration will start to shift things around you and attract all the things and people you will need to create a brand new life story.

Think about what would happen to your life if you honoured and spoke out loud your new affirmations for a month. What would your new life look like? How about 3 months? 6 months? A year?

The more we speak, think and feel about what we want, it starts to happen in our lives.


I can't begin to comprehend how true these words are. What I have just described is only one way we can start to shift our life stories. We all need help. We are all here to learn to get better and better.

But, once we know who we really are as Souls, we can shift our life lessons a whole lot faster and create the abundance we came on earth to manifest.

If the one thing you can take away from this article is this, then let me remind you again...

Picture credit goes to artist fully.


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