Awakening Woman, Who Is She?

The Awakening Woman concept came to me about a year ago when I was asking how I am to be used as a Divine Instrument to help the world.

Awakening Woman popped up in my head. I knew instantly my work will be to help women on their spiritual awakening journey. I had to understand what that fully meant. Then, I turned to myself and realised, I was already an Awakening Woman.

Whatever I have been going through, SHE will go through too. I had to get ready and prepared to receive these Awakening Women. So, it is no wonder that the Universe positioned me back to my home country of Malaysia.

The Journey of the Awakening Woman started when I left Malaysia to go on my soul searching journey to the UK. I have come full circle knowing my soul's purpose, becoming spiritually conscious and highly intuitive towards a 5D journey ahead.

I am ready to serve my mission as an Awakening Woman guide. ​

​Who and what is an Awakening Woman?

Here is what SHE is going through:

She has 'woken up' from a spiritual slumber.

It is like she is using her eyes, ears and senses for the first time since she was born.

It feels like she is Neo exploding from her pod like the Matrix after taking the red pill.

She has woken up and she is shocked with what she is experiencing around her. She is conscious and awake, knowing something is inherently wrong with her life.

Why isn't her life going well?

She may have everything around her but she feels empty. Or that she is struggling but she feels that struggle is not a normal human condition and is craving to to change her life for the better. Her Body starts to act as a Conduit of Truth.

She FEELS TRUTH from her Body for the first time. She knows truth from lies easily. How does she know this? She has no idea why she keeps seeing double numbers like 11:11 or 444 or 3333 all around her. She frantically searches for knowledge or mentors to find out what is happening to her. Her Intuition is sharper than normal.

She may be hearing, sensing or seeing messages from her guardian angels. These messages will be repeating in her life until she pays attention to them. Her psychic senses are exploding.

Many of her innate spiritual abilities will be more powerful than normal. Eg. Mine was clairaudience. I started hearing my Angels loudly around me all of a sudden and it shocked me. Until I realised, I was a natural clairaudient and this ability pushed through from my Soul to get me to listen to my Angels to change my life for the better.

Which ability is screaming to get your attention right now? She may get sensitive to her surroundings like she doesn't want to hang out with many people and wants to be alone more and more.

She may not want to party as much and avoids alcohol or even meat at times. She may also be sensitive to Light or have strange food intolerances. She suddenly knows she is here on Earth for a purpose and she desperately wants to know what it is.

She feels like she is running out of time and wants to get started right away 'because there is so much to do'. She feels lost and no one around her seems to understand why. She may want to move away as she says 'it feels like the right thing to do'. She knows she has to make a change in her current life because she can't stand to be in her current life for one more minute.

She knows intuitively that it is SHE who will have to make the change and sets about doing it. She may be in a relationship or marriage with a partner who is unable to hold space for her spiritual growth.

However, there are many conscious brothers out there who are holding space for their Awakening partner.

Have faith. ​

Since the Ascension process that began on 21st December 2012 (and possibly before this), many women and men have started to wake up spiritually.

They want to heal their lives and wish to actively do something about it.

Some may have even left their relationships and gone off on their own on soul searching journeys. It is as if they received a 'Call' from the Universe guiding them what to do next. ​

We are being guided to the Golden Age of Aquarius where Awakened Women and Men will inherit and care for our Earth with high vibrational intentions.

It is inevitable that we are being guided daily to live a 5th Dimensional or higher vibrational lifestyle to maintain Divine Love within society and the planet to finally bring about peace and join the Galactic community of Love and Light as a high vibrational planet.

This is happening right now! ​

Are you an Awakening Woman?

Have you been experiencing your Awakening symptoms? Do share.

PS: All the Awakening symptoms are very related to the Ascension symptoms. The main focus on the Awakening is that this woman wants to change her life and moves forward to do it. ​

Picture credit goes to artist fully..

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