Sacred Union Of Our Inner God And Goddess

The path of Godhood and Goddesshood begins when you awaken spiritually and are aware of your mission here on Earth. ​ ​Awakening can happen at any time in your life.

You would have programmed it before you incarnated. Once you start to experience your Awakening, your path begins. ​

This path is the awakening of your Divine Feminine Goddess energy and Divine Masculing God energy. Most of us have never experienced the Divine Feminine Goddess energy before as it was dormant for thousands of years.

The last time our society was living a balanced unified form with their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine was during the time of Atlantis. The fall of Atlantis came when the Divine Masculine energy was manipulated through ego and the Divine Feminine energy withdrew and laid dormant within. An aggressive form of Masculine energy ruled the world until the Ascension process started on 21st December 2012. ​

Here we witnessed many who started to experience their Spiritual Awakening. Like myself. I remembered mine clearly, August 2012.

I was downloaded with pertinent information about myself, my soul's heritage, my Divine Life Purpose and mission on Earth.

I started living Divinely Guided, where every step was shown to me by my guides. As the years passed, my spiritual initiation happened so I could share my Divine Life Purpose with the world. And I am now.

Then a few months ago, I was visited by the God Beings and Goddess Beings of Light, as I like to call them. First, it was Kali Maa then other Goddesses. All came to initiate me into the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy.

After which I was visited by Lord Shiva, with Lord Jesus and other God Beings who initiated me into the Divine Masculine God Energy.

These processes happened in a meditative state where I could sense and feel these Beings of Light around me. I knew then that everyone will go through a similar process of accepting their God and Goddess Energies. It is the way forward of a 5th Dimensional life of Harmony and Peace.

We can not create a high vibrational living without both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in balance. ​All of this happened to me with Divine timing. In the same way, you will go through a similar experience like this on your Ascension journey. ​

But why are we going through this?

We have lived for thousands of years imbalanced where the Divine Feminine was crushed and removed from our society. The Divine Masculine energy misused to abuse power and lower integrity.

Women were once honoured in the most highest and sacred of forms and men were the guardian protectors upholding truth and integrity, much like Archangel Michael. Both Father God and Mother Goddess were honoured as The Creator. There could not be masculine without the feminine. And there could not be feminine without the masculine.

It was a balance of Oneness within society. ​

People lived in balance with their logical left brains and intuitive right brains working in tandem. Everyone was connected to Source at all times. With the Divine Feminine providing Higher level intuitive ideas and the Divine Masculine bringing it into physical form, it was a world of spiritual progress, peace and blessings. ​

Information about anything would flow within from the Divine Consciousness instantly.

People's intuition was laser sharp. Manifesting was also instant and speedy. Because everyone was resonating at the Fifth Dimension of Love and Oneness.

Everyone's vibrational frequencies were higher. They would communicate with angels and fairies like their next door neighbours. They would contact insterstellar beings through telepathy like long distance calls. Technology and energy medicine was at its peak beyond what we can comprehend now. Flying machines were part and parcel of life. ​

They had a deep profound respect with Lady Gaia (Mother Earth) which was only do what was for the highest good for the environment. This principle applied in every aspect of their lives.

To move forward with the greatest good for all.

Where each thought, word and action was meant to bring the best for all. So that everyone benefits long term. This was the Law of Oneness. ​​ ​

We are blessed that we are once again being presented with the path and opportunity to create a society of peace and love working with our balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. The planet is now moving into a 5D higher level of vibration and the 3D limiting realm is starting to shift away. ​ ​This means a great deal of higher spiritual conscious ideas, thought processes, and life principles is being brought in such as abundance for all, peace within all races, free energy, pure health, amazing scientific discoveries, communication with interstellar races (once again!) and of course, the merging of our beloved planet into the Intergalactic Council of Light. ​

For all of this to even to take place, we must create a Sacred Union to own our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within us. ​ ​What does owning our Divine Feminine Goddess energy feel like? ​ 1) Divine Feminine Goddess energy is intuitive, nurturing, flexible, adaptable, fertile 2) The Goddess within us uses her intuition as 'her' GPS to navigate through every decision and path throughout life without fear 3) 'She' communicates from the body and emotions as her barometers of truth and if something is out of balance, you will just know it 4) The Divine Feminine is all about birthing and bringing into consciousness the seeds of Divine Creation like all of your projects, businesses, art, writing, jewellery and all creation. ​

What does embracing our Divine Masculine God energy feel like? ​ 1) The Divine Masculine God energy is protective, loyal, warm and powerful 2) The God within us uses inner power to instill unity, leadership, harmony and peace to wherever there is injustice and upheaval 3) 'He' brings new meaning to the word adventure with swashbuckling charm and a fearless attitude towards life. You only live once! 4) The Divine Masculine represents the structure and physical aspects of bringing Divinely led ideas into the physical reality ​

These are but some of the basic attributes of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. It is flowing withing us waiting to be brought to balance as we ascend higher in vibration. ​ ​Being in Sacred Union of our inner God and inner Goddess means we are in balance to create the lives we were sent here on Earth to do, in Divine alignment with our intuition, truth and integrity; and we can finally live prosperously from fulfilling our Divine Life Purpose. ​ ​

Share this article with anyone you feel would love this. You are power within and of yourself to shift us all higher in vibration. I send you blessings of joy and comfort wherever you are on your Ascension journey as you continue to shift into 5D. ​ ​

I call myself a Spiritual Conduit, an instrument of the Divine. My Divine Life Purpose is to guide awakening women and men to balance their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, shift into a 5D higher consciousness way of life, fulfill their Divine Life Purpose using their unique gifts and talents to be of service to themselves, humanity and our planet, prosperously.

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