Each session brings you the information that you need to know

right now for clarity and awareness in your life.

Every reading is an

Intuitive Insight + Spiritual Empowerment Coaching + Energy Healing

process to move you

forward on your Spiritual Ascension journey.

So, if you are ready and willing to learn,

receive the guidance,

and wish to move forward

from all that's holding you back,

I look forward to doing a Reading for you!

PS> I don't do 'future readings'

as the future

is not set in stone.

I handle questions that will

bring you clarity for the now.


I am a Psychic Interdimensional Channel where I channel 

messages from Source and all Higher Light Beings including

your Divine Guides.

Your Divine Guides may include the Divine Goddesses,

 Ascended Masters, Archangels, Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids,

Elementals and the Intergalactic Masters.


Here are some examples of the kinds of Readings I do


We can do maximum 40 questions in your Readings

Here are some questions you can use:

What is the path I am being directed towards?

What do I do on this path?

What are the opportunities and challenges on this path?

Am I ready for my Mission on Earth?

Do I need to clear ancestral, past life and current karma?

What kind of blocks am I facing right now that I can’t see for myself?

Has any negative intentional magick been used on me?

What is the best energy protection for me?

What do I need to know right now that I may be avoiding?

Are my chakras aligned for my highest good?

Are there any crystals I require to raise my vibrations?

Is it in my highest good to continue the career I am in right now?

Video Call Readings

How It Works:

You share your challenges and issues

I channel messages from Source and your Divine Guides

Complete with an Oracle Card reading at the end

I recommend recording the reading so you can listen to it later

Energy Exchange:

Payment can be made in person or via PayPal

USD$133 via PayPal

RM303 for Malaysian clients via my bank details

60 min

All sessions are recorded and emailed to you