As sensitive Energy Beings that we are, we come in contact with all that is around us. As everything is energy, we can become energetically entangled with foreign negative energies that don't belong to us, with energy cords of people who no longer serve us, with situations that have ended, which leaves us feeling exposed, vulnerable, drained and depleted due to no fault of ours sometimes.


I have developed this Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Energy Guided Meditation in accordance with the Highest Divine Light that blesses anyone who works with it. In it, I have included the Violet Flame of Transmutation plus an energetic bath with the Highest Divine Light. Let yourself bask in this energy for as long as you desire. 


Listen to it as often as you like to cleanse your energy.


Infinite blessings to you!

Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Energy Guided Meditation

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    This guided meditation was lovingly created by me, Karishma Gill, on 5 November 2019. Other than for personal use, no part of this guided meditaiton may be reproduced in any way, in whole or part, without the written consent of the copyright holder, being me Karishma Gill. This guided meditation is intended for spiritual and emotional support only. It is not intended to replace any medical assistance or treatment. 

    In the name of the Light, I trust you will respect my sacred Lightwork as I invoke the Law of Karma on all my products and services for eternity.