Awakening Oracle 8 - 10 November 2019

Quite time. Solitary time.

Do not dismiss the valuable time and space we give ourselves when we need to remain in solitude for our spiritual awakening journey. For when we are on our own, the only person we have to handle is ourselves. No more excuses, just us.

Because the energies are a little harsh right now with all these shifts happening, being on our own, taking care of ourselves is much needed. As being around other people might trigger us and slow our growth. This does not mean total isolation and this also does not mean not asking for help when we need it! Please reach out to your loved ones, your trusted Coach or Mentor or even Myself.

We are being guided, some of us, to have a balance of working on our Mission and being out there with people whilst being sensitive to the energies.

This is to help calibrate our own frequency to be able to carry out our Mission with ease despite us being around our Sacred Clients who are in need of our Sacred Light work.

Do not despair as this will all be over soon. Have the balance within to stay centered, be around higher vibrational people when you need to, to be on your own enjoying your own company, working on your Mission, whilst protecting your energy.

Hard AF? Not quite.

The Higher Realms are guiding us. You just know you have your Divine Guides around you. And you just know you are on the right path.

PS > You are infinitely loved and if you require mentoring or a quick reading, please reach out to me. Together, we can do this.

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With infinite blessings


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