Awakening Oracle 6 - 7 November 2019

The dark night of the soul lingers on some of us.

All that in alignment with the Divine Truth being released onto planet Earth.

A certain truth was omitted by predator races aeons ago and now since their defeat and Earth being a free planet, all the hidden mysteries and truths are being released upon us.

Do not be afraid as we are all a part of this hidden truths and mysteries. Some of us have lived on earth since the time of its first experiment to test how free will will bode with beings from around the galaxy from way before Lemeuria. And some of us who just arrived on the planet and are having to catch up rapidly.

The secret of the dark night of the soul is you get to choose how it lasts.

Why we go through it? Our souls are ready for truth at one go and boom we are hit hard with whatever we have been avoiding. Every gritty detail that we have decided to push back comes up to the surface, you name it, all the traumas, past hurts...all unresolved, mind you, show up.

Face it head on, the higher realms say, for it is the only way , you can move forward in peace.

Avoidance is no longer the answer for every earth being. Truth is thy way.

Self care and self love plus going back to the basics of spiritual nourishment that feels right to us is the way forward.

Keeping your vibrations high, focusing only love…these seem naive and childlike but these are the qualities that will bless our journey right now. Being in quiet spaces, keeping our energy clear helps us decide better.

Come up for fresh air if you wish to cleanse your energy right now with my new

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Use it often to raise your vibrations high and to bring peace and ease into your life.

When your vibrations are high, making decisions intuitively becomes easier. So, do check out this meditation. Lovingly prepared and Divinely guided to serve you.

What parts of ourselves have we kept secret?

What traumas within haven’t been healed?

Journal with these questions and set yourself free from all that no longer serves you.

With infinite blessings


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