Awakening Oracle 4 - 5 November 2019

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question.

Sleepless and dozing off here and there seems to be in the air. Higher 7th Dimensional energies are flowing into our Earth and its inhabitants as we are being projected to no longer hold a 5th Dimensional space, but be a 7th Dimensional Conscious Self. Oh yes! We have big shoes to fill!

The intergalactic community is waiting for us to rise up thus a 7th Dimensional Light is being sent to our Monadic Presence to activate and integrate accordingly.

Why the sudden energy bursts and shifts within the cosmos around us? Why the sudden loss we have had to experience? Why the sudden boosts of energy here and there?

All to push us to clear all that is not 100% authentic to us and to to make sure we stand in our power of being Beings of True Love and Light. 100% empowered who is able to respect their darkness and be able to integrate their Light with the Darkness.

Oh and those odd body tingles like tiny ants are nibbling on us? Yeah, that's a symptom of this too.

These two days will be testy as we move forward with our heartfelt intentions we had set during the New Moon only to feel like we are lagging behind. Has time started moving slowly?

Timelines are collapsing to reveal One Master Timeline that integrates not the just this universe but the Multiverse as a whole.

Wow…a multiverse? How many are there? Let’s focus on what’s in front of us first beloved Earthling. We have a lot of work to do.

Oh and don’t you feel pushed to do that one thing you are scared of to do because you don’t feel right, don’t feel worthy, and who am I to do it kinda thingamajig…right! I feel you. We are all feeling it. But, the Higher Councils have decreed that Earth catches up therefore our Missions are calling us. That thing you are scared of? Feel it. Is it really that scary? Or are we making a mountain out of a molehill?

Journal questions

What shift within me do I have to make to achieve my Mission today?

What scares me now and why?

What would my empowered, successful, Light filled, confident self do right now?

What do I have to give up right now to step up to my Calling?

With blessings


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My Bio

Karishma Gill is a Spiritual Transformational Coach & Guide who helps Awakening people to fulfill their Sacred Master Mission on Earth, to empower themselves in mastering their Earthly lessons and to navigate their Spiritual Awakening journey with ease.

A Psychic Channel and a Walk In Soul, she channels Creator Source, Angels and Higher Light Beings to bring clarity and insight in helping people align towards their highest outcome.

As a SWAT Institute certified Master Women’s Empowerment Coach and Usui Reiki Master, she blends 16 years of energy healing, psychic knowledge, body mind soul work, spiritual practices and empowerment techniques in sharing her guidance and wisdom.

She created self empowerment programs for women for the Bury Asian Women's Council in Greater Manchester, UK in 2015.

Karishma has also been a speaker at the More Than Rubies women’s empowerment conference in Wellington, New Zealand in 2016.

She has also been a Red Tent facilitator at the Festival Du Feminin Malaysia 2019.

Her much anticipated book, Awakened, The Stages of Spiritual Awakening slated to be released soon.

She is also a Singer, Artist, Writer and designs crystal jewellery.

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