Awakening Oracle 30 - 31 October 2019

Many doors have closed to reveal new paths that have yet to be explored. Courage, insight, self healing is required by the brave Awakening Soul to help them understand that what is happening is to strengthen their ability to accept their fullest potential, to fulfill their Mission, to accept their abilities whilst operating within this space.

There is no space left to operate which isn't 100% authenticity.

The space given to the Awakening Soul now is to help them walk the talk and fully BE doing what they have come on Earth to do. Think of it as an incubation space, a testing ground as such where we get to operate with full authenticity, to make mistakes, learn from them quickly and assess what brings success in sharing the Mission across. The Awakening Soul is protected and padded properly to be able to handle what comes next on their way to realizing their fullest potential now.

We find ourselves standing between two worlds.

One world we know dearly and for some reason some doors have closed harshly from close loved ones who were supposed to have supported us or opportunities lost that were believed to be true. The other world is bright and new. A space that is birthed from our 100% Authentic Self. A space where all our dreams have come true, our Earthly Mission is being fulfilled with success and joy in our hearts, we are fully In-Joy-ing the process of being used for a higher purpose that brings us peace. A space where there is not place for doubt and fear.

Forgiveness is imminent for some of us. A new relationship is imminent for some of us. In fact, a new You is imminent for us all. A revamping, new and improved, upgraded version of You is in metaphormosis as we get to choose to stay in either the old world or the new shiny world. Transitioning is hard especially when the step forward is unknown. But when the old no longer bears the energy for us to use, where there is no more resource to reach for, it tells us it is time to look up and see a new path ahead.

This time, we get to create this new path. But, not with the energetic vibration of the person we have been. It is with the new higher vibrational Self that is being born right now. This new Self holds the vibration to enter this New Space. Think of this New Self as the password to enter this new space. Without BEing this New Self, we can’t enter this New Space.

Who do we need to BE to embody this New Self?

What shifts do we need to make within to position ourselves as this New Self?

Which part of us doesn’t feel like we deserve this New Space?

What part of our Old Self needs to go and why?

Questions for journal work as we enter this New Space.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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