Awakening Oracle 22 - 24 November 2019

As we approach the New Moon next Monday, we must face the Dark Moon this weekend. It is the last line up of the harsh energies that we have been facing these past few months since July.

Many of us have had to deal with some form of separation, loss, unwanted agony. And for some some, the answers to the why it happened has come. For others who have yet to receive their guidance, be patience as it will be dropped into your consciousness.

Catherine Laboure - The Patroness of Miraculous Healing

Divine Feminine Deck

Our Souls have chosen this card as a great healing is taking place or will take place that has to do with a grieving heart. The energies that the heart has carries these years, months or days must be brought forth to be released. And it comes from that one brave step of saying to Healing Thyself.

Catherine comes with an invitation that all of us, men or women, will find ourselves, saying..

Where within me requires this healing to allow my own Divinity to fill me up again?

What miracles can I open my heart with?

Where in my body lies stagnant energies to be released and transformed into the Highest Divine Light?

Mawu - Mother Earth

Goddess Guidance Deck

Mawu's Spirit calls us forth to let us know that we are now being called as the Stewards of Earth that we had signed up for upon incarnating (or Walking-In) on Earth. It is time to recognise that we have a purpose. A Mission. A Sacred Mission that has been lost because we have been so busy being busy.

What is this Sacred Mission?

How will we support ourselves with this Sacred Mission?

Who will guide us in accessing this Sacred Mission?

Upon asking these questions before sleep daily, our answers will appear magically in our daily lives. Our Higher Guides are waiting to answer us. All we have to do is ASK!


Archangel Gabriel Deck

This signals that all our answers lie within our hands today. What questions do we have that we need to ask to receive the correct answers? Are we brave enough to traverse the deepest oceans of our heart spaces to be able to connect with true essence, our Soul, the love we have had for ourselves as a Divine Spark?

In our journal this weekend...

What within me wants to come out? Why?

Where have I gotten lost?

What am still carrying?

Have I fully emptied myself of all that no longer serves me?

Am I a clear vessel of Light to move forward?

Am I a clear vessel to be able to receive the abundance that I deserve?

Watch as the answers flow through you and onto paper.

With infinite blessings


With infinite blessings


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As a SWAT Institute certified Master Women’s Empowerment Coach and Usui Reiki Master, she blends 16 years of energy healing, psychic knowledge, body mind soul work, spiritual practices and empowerment techniques in sharing her guidance and wisdom.

She created self empowerment programs for women for the Bury Asian Women's Council in Greater Manchester, UK in 2015.

Karishma has also been a speaker at the More Than Rubies women’s empowerment conference in Wellington, New Zealand in 2016.

She has also been a Red Tent facilitator at the Festival Du Feminin Malaysia 2019.

Her much anticipated book, I AM Awakened, Your Spiritual Awakening Handbook is slated to be released just after Chinese New Year 2020.

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She is also a Singer, Artist, Writer and designs crystal jewellery.

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