Awakening Oracle 20 - 21 November 2019

It was only meant to be an experiment to arrive here and live with freewill when we got caught by predator races who captured us here for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, we are free. We are free to incarnate whenever we please. We are free to leave this planet. Some of us will leave this planet earlier than expected as our soul wishes to unite with out mother nations and to source.

Celebrate their journey and yours.

There will be some strange incidents around the planet that may construed as violence but it is a call for help to remove all forms of violence so that the people will stand up to demand peace and only peace.

Our leaders are feeling the pinch where politics are no longer a popular play to watch.

They are feeling that the people are becoming powerful and standing up for themselves as they should. For in our near future, there will be no more one leader but a community that leads a nation.

How can one person lead millions when one person can not know the plight of millions?

A community leadership is on the rise, a tribal community of peace. Where the demands, requests and concerns of the many will be represented. And if the members of this community do not hold up their promise, the people will remove them.

Our people are already aware of their power and soon will demand their rights.

Look out for small disagreements in the near future. It won’t be violent but a sign that heartfelt discussions are a must as the people want to heard now.

Just like the people, you also want to be heard. You are feeling it too. You want your needs met. You want a better life. Imagine a million of you feeling this way. Imagine billions of you feeling this way.

Now you know, we are becoming One People, One Planet.

With infinite blessings


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My Bio

Karishma Gill is a Spiritual Transformational Coach & Guide who helps Awakening people to fulfill their Sacred Master Mission on Earth, to empower themselves in mastering their Earthly lessons and to navigate their Spiritual Awakening journey with ease.

A Psychic Channel and a Walk In Soul, she channels Creator Source, Angels and Higher Light Beings to bring clarity and insight in helping people align towards their highest outcome.

As a SWAT Institute certified Master Women’s Empowerment Coach and Usui Reiki Master, she blends 16 years of energy healing, psychic knowledge, body mind soul work, spiritual practices and empowerment techniques in sharing her guidance and wisdom.

She created self empowerment programs for women for the Bury Asian Women's Council in Greater Manchester, UK in 2015.

Karishma has also been a speaker at the More Than Rubies women’s empowerment conference in Wellington, New Zealand in 2016.

She has also been a Red Tent facilitator at the Festival Du Feminin Malaysia 2019.

Her much anticipated book, I AM Awakened, Your Spiritual Awakening Handbook is slated to be released just after Chinese New Year 2020 with its accompanying Oracle Deck.

She is also writing her 2nd book on Twin Flames - Their Creation & Journey.

She is also a Singer, Artist, Writer and designs crystal jewellery.

Instagram: @awakenedwithkarishma

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