Awakening Oracle 11 - 12 November 2019

Faith becomes a fickel thing especially when we are being tested with it.

We ask for physical evidence when energetically we may not aligned with the outcome we wish to experience. Where does faith come in then? Faith? Vibrations? Energetic alignment? Hmmm...

Many of us are being called to explore more creative options in alignment with our Sacred Mission on Earth.

A new direction has presented itself for some of us and due to past experiences, we may be hesitant to see it through. Understandably so, so why don’t we explore this energetically with our bodies, shall we? Visualise yourself already doing this new thing. How does it feel? How does your body feel? What feelings, thoughts, emotions pop up? Now, visualise yourself not having to do it at all. What feelings, thoughts, emotions, pop up? There is no right or wrong. It just is at that particular moment.

Wake up from a long slumber of some depression that we have been feeling.

A loss from the past, self destruction of some sort that happened…whatever happened led to the breaking of your heart which inevitably opened your heart! Ironically, speaking. It was excactly what you needed to fully surrender to our heart awakening. Yes, it was painful but…much needed. Now, you can see. And your path towards forgiveness seems to be alot easier now. Or is it yourself that you need to forgive?

These Full Moon vibes are making us delve deeper into the relationship with our abundance and sustainability of our passion projects or current work or businesses.

Where do we need to make changes that will allow us to be in complete FLOW with our natural abundance state?

Are we still pushing and struggling?

Or are we flowing? Are we calm?

Are we worried?

What shifts need to be worked on within us?

Answer these questions truthfully and a path before will appear.

Infinite blessings


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