Awakening Oracle 1 - 3 November 2019

It’s back to basics with self care and Spirituality 101.

We have fallen off our authentic path and it’s time for us to align back and to do that, we have to begin from ground zero.

What rituals or practices will help you to clear your energy field?

Meditating? Journalling and burning the letters? Energy healing? Talking to a friend?

Cleansing and clearing our energy field is priority for it has become clogged with all the shifts, patterns and emotional blocks from the past few weeks. Many of us are pulsing at a lower frequency hence we are only seeing and feeling despair. Before we begin anything, let’s clear our energy.

Practice energetic hygiene and feel refreshed and renewed again.

Once we have done that, take our time to connect with our Higher Self, with our Guides, with our Creator Source to center and ground ourselves. Open your heart completely, all 33 petals of this Chakra. Release any hidden pain or hurt or grief stuck here with each petal opening. Ask to be washed with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to transmute all experiences, thoughts and feelings to the Highest Divine Light. Stay in this space for as long as you need.

This is also a time to ask for guidance on the next right step.

Is there any action required at all or a brief respite is needed? Trust your intuition, you know exactly what to do. Slow down and listen. We are being given an opportunity to realign, recreate and apply new rituals of Energy Hygiene and Energy Protection to accommodate our New Self now. New practices are in order therefore connecting with our Higher Guidance is vital to our inner balance.

It is also the death of relying on our brain on what to do and the birth of trusting our heart, intuition and feelings.

And no, it isn’t to reject knowledge but to be One with our Divinity now. Where we accept our sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies to take each step forward. As I have said before, it is a test period of how we use these abilities before we share it with the world in 2020.

Do I trust my Intuition?

What feels right for me right now?

What is my Higher Guidance telling me?

What signs are around me right now?

Journal questions for our inner work. Be honest and open with yourself. For it is our authenticity that lies the seeds to our greatness.

Have a beautiful weekend honeys!

PS> Next week, I will begin to include some Spiritual Awakening Freebies, Meditations, and perhaps even a podcast to bring you insight on your journey. Look out for them!

With blessings


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Karishma Gill is a Spiritual Transformational Coach & Guide who helps Awakening people to fulfill their Sacred Master Mission on Earth, to empower themselves in mastering their Earthly lessons and to navigate their Spiritual Awakening journey with ease.

A Psychic Channel and a Walk In Soul, she channels Creator Source, Angels and Higher Light Beings to bring clarity and insight in helping people align towards their highest outcome.

As a SWAT Institute certified Master Women’s Empowerment Coach and Usui Reiki Master, she blends 16 years of energy healing, psychic knowledge, body mind soul work, spiritual practices and empowerment techniques in sharing her guidance and wisdom.

She created self empowerment programs for women for the Bury Asian Women's Council in Greater Manchester, UK in 2015.

Karishma has also been a speaker at the More Than Rubies women’s empowerment conference in Wellington, New Zealand in 2016.

She has also been a Red Tent facilitator at the Festival Du Feminin Malaysia 2019.

She’s also releasing her book, Awakened, The Stages of Spiritual Awakening in 2019.

She is also a Singer, Artist, Writer and designs crystal jewellery.

Her website: Instagram: @_karishmagill

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