Dear Lightworker, Lightwarrior, Starseed, Walk In and You who are Awakening right now

I understand how  CHALLENGING  it can be

to lead a normal human life whilst working on your Spiritual evolution on Earth!

Read about my

Walk In experience


I know the feeling...

I'm a Walk In Soul!

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You love that you are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

You are ready to fulfill your Sacred Mission on Earth

but ...

You don't know what to do or where to start!

Could this be you ...

Your Mission feels too BIG and you don't know where to begin

You don't BELIEVE you can pull it off

You don't REMEMBER your Sacred Mission on Earth

You don't think you can make MONEY from your Sacred Mission (I hear this a lot!)

You can't MANIFEST the life you want despite following the Law of Attraction

You feel LONELY as no one else is going through what you're going through

You can't AFFORD the high prices of personal spiritual development

You SABOTAGE yourself subconsciously to play small

You're STUCK in your comfort zone

You don't know how to TRUST in your Intuition

You want to wake up every day feeling JOYFULLY FULFILLED

with your Sacred Mission and living a high vibrational Awakened life

but... you don't know how

I have just what you need

Marble Surface

A Learning Space for all Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic

Awakening Souls LIKE YOU who wish to 

FOCUS on their Spiritual Development at their own time

Pay for AFFORDABLE Spiritual Courses

To CONNECT like minded Awakening Souls around the world

Embrace their SACRED MISSION

MASTER their Earthly lessons

Progressively NAVIGATE their Spiritual Awakening journey

NURTURE their Spiritual Progress within their Human Life

This is WHY I created the School of Light Mastery...

guest expert


sacred support


new spiritual topics

per season



The School of Light Mastery honours the energies of the

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.

This means that there will be a balance of


For 8 months in a year, we will be learning, applying what we've learnt, getting coached during my LIVE Calls, gaining insight from new experts, and progressing on our spiritual journey.

March - June & August - November

For 4 months in a year, the School and Myself takes a break so that we can sit back and integrate what we have learnt, improve on what can be,

rest and go inward...

July, December, January & February

As we take this well deserved break, it gives me time to connect with Source and the Higher Light Beings

to download the subjects and content for the months ahead. I learnt a long time ago that BALANCE is key so

we don't burn out. And I intend to keep the School's flame burning slow and steady

for a long, long, long, long, long, long time...

What You Can Expect from the School of Light Mastery


There are 2 Learning Seasons in a year. Each Semester has 4 months. Each Month will have

One Course. A total of 8 Courses in a year. Semester One is from March - June and

Semester Two is from

August  - November. 


Every month in our Private Facebook Group, there will be LIVE Mentoring Circles with me.  Offering support on your spiritual journey is priority to me. We can check in with your progress to see if you need coaching or guidance. I will be right there with you.


Courses range range from beginner to advance levels in Intuition, Divine Feminine & Masculine, 12 Chakras, Angels, Ascended Masters, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Energy Healing, Energy Protection, Empath, Energy Sensitivity and more...


Here is where you can finally come together and connect with other Awakening Souls on a similar journey like you. Gain strength, support, encouragement, empowerment and kinship in a private Facebook group. You may even connect with your Soul Family here!


There will be a Guest Speaker in relation with each Course who will add their special flavour and advice towards your spiritual development. Their unique gifts may be just what you need to move forward! 


This School was designed to be an affordable & unique membership space where you can put aside a little something for your spiritual development on Earth. This gives you monthly access to the courses, the learning and goodies in the private Facebook group anytime, anywhere in the world on the web or on your mobile device. Savings, savings and nothing but savings...

Meet your Head Mistress & Spiritual Guide

I've LOVED the idea of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

A magickal school for magickal kids who are learning to be Witches and Wizards. And I thought, hang on...why can't I create such a school for the spiritual development of all Awakening Souls on Earth?!

And the School of Light Mastery was born...

I hope you will enjoy learning in this space

as I have enjoyed creating it for you!



Who should join

The School of Light Mastery?

Even if you are just getting to know my sacred services or have just woken up on your Spiritual Awakening journey, The School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for all Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic Awakening Souls like you.

If you have been looking for a solution to integrate your human life with your spiritual progress, learn about topics that apply to your spiritual development, connect with like minded Awakening Souls, and receive personal support from me...

Then the School of Light Mastery is for you.

The School fee is only $27 a month

Welcome to the FIRST such School on this planet!

Learn spiritual topics to enhance your spiritual development that brings you

the basics to advanced levels, where you can learn at your own time

Be a part of a global Awakening community of sensitive, intuitive, empathic souls

who are looking to develop themselves spiritually, embrace their Sacred Mission

and navigate their Spiritual Awakening in peace

Receive LIVE Spiritual Coaching from me once a week to uplift your journey

Meet experts in the Spiritual Awakening field that will bring you new insights as they bless you with their gifts and talents

Connect with a like minded Sacred Tribe for support, learning, fun and friendship

Finally meet your goals for integrating your human life with your spiritual journey

"But Karishma, you said there are only 8 Learning Months in a year so

WHY am I paying per month?"

Great question! Read below

Each Course of mine is worth $99

That's $99 x 8 months = $792 a year

Minimum Course Payment Installment is $36

$99 / $36 = 3 months

You can complete payment on each Course

in 3 months

Every learning month, minimum payment

is $36 which includes access to the Courses,

the private Facebook group,

LIVE Coaching and all the goodies

On the month we take a break, minimum payment

is $27 which still includes access to all the Courses,

and access to the private Facebook group

At any point, you will have ACCESS to your

learning portal

$36 x 8 learning months = $288

$27 x 4 break months = $108

$288 + $108 = $396 a year

$396 / 12 months = $33

And my further discount to you is $27 per month!!!

I told you I got what you need!

And at any point, you feel this isn't for you,

you can cancel the subscription...

upcoming Courses

March 2019

April 2019

March 2019

What is Intuition?

Intuition blocks

Knowing your Clairs

My Simple Intuition Formula

Knowing how to ask questions & receive answers

Channeling messages for self

Channeling messages for others

energy exchange


monthly School



Learning Portal for all Courses

Private Facebook Group

LIVE Coaching within FB Group

Guest Expert Interviews for 2019

If you purchase at this price, this will be your FIXED monthly enrollment fee!


a year

From 1 Mar 2019 -

29 Feb 2020


Learning Portal for all Courses

Private Facebook Group

LIVE Coaching within FB Group

Guest Expert Interviews for 2019

If you purchase at this price, you will be charged annually

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