Channeled Readings

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For this reading, I will be channeling your Divine Guides to clarify the following:

Who is your Twin Flame?

What is your Union dynamic?

Romantic? Platonic?

Eg. Your mother can be your Twin FLame

Have they incarnated?

What is your Twin Flame Mission

What blocks are in the way of your Union?

What shifts to make to be in vibrational alignment of your Union?

and more...



For this Reading, I will be channeling your Divine Guides to bring you your True Calling on Earth. Your Sacred Mission. Your Life's True Purpose.

This is why you incarnated on Earth. This is what you will be contributing with your unique abilities and talents. Your Life Purpose on Earth.

What is your Life Purpose on Earth?

How to access it?

Are there any blocks or karma preventing you from accessing it?

How to work with your Divine Guides to manifest your Life Purpose?

How to make your Life Purpose sustainable on Earth?

and more...



I am a Psychic Interdimensional Channel where I channel 

messages from Source and all Higher Light Beings including

our Divine Guides.

Your Divine Guides may include the Divine Goddesses,

 Ascended Masters, Archangels, Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids,

Elementals and the Intergalactic Masters.

Each session brings you the information that you need to know

right now for clarity and awareness in your life.

Every reading is an

Intuitive Insight + Spiritual Empowerment Coaching + Energy Healing

process to move you

forward on your Spiritual Ascension journey.

So, if you are ready and willing to learn,

receive the guidance,

and wish to move forward

from all that's holding you back,

I look forward to doing a Reading for you!

PS> I don't do 'future readings'

as the future

is not set in stone.

I handle questions that will

bring you clarity for the now.

One Question

One Question Reading

When you need a burning question to be answered


Unlimited Questions

Unlimited Questions Reading

Ask your heart's desire


One to One or Zoom/Skype

How It Works:

You share your challenges and issues

I channel messages from your Divine Guides

Complete with an Oracle Card reading at the end

I recommend recording the reading so you can listen to it later

Energy Exchange:

Payment can be made in person or via PayPal


1 question

Via Email / Skype / Zoom


Unlimited Questions

60 min

In Person or via Skype / Zoom

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