Aura & Energy Scanning

The Aura & Energy Scan gives me a snapshot of what is going on

with your energy field.

I take my time to see if there are any

blocked chakras,

entity attachment,

negative intentional magick,

karmic issue,

energy leakage,

stuck energy cords,

awakening challenges

and more

This service is done remotely and not in person.

So, it's ok if you are in a different location or country.

Once I recover the root cause of the problem you are facing,

I email you the results with the solution provided.

Then, we decide what you would like to do 

from that point onwards.

The Scan deals with one energetic issue at 

a time as all healing happens in layers

Aura & Energy Scanning

For international clients


Made via PayPal

For Malaysian clients,


through bank details

Contact me HERE and let me know if you would like this scan