Is this you?

You are ready to start on your Mission but you can't remember what it is

You are learning how to navigate your

Spiritual Awakening journey

You are open to change 

You are willing to do your inner work of releasing your limitations and healing your Soul wounds

You desire Soul transformation

You would love to know how to sustain yourself fulfilling your Mission

You are ready to connect with like minded women working on their Mission

You desire a high vibe life 

You wish to tap into your innate gifts and talents




When you work with me...

You may experience

some amazing side effects like:

Accessing + Fulfilling your Sacred Mission

Clearing Limiting Ancestral Patterns

Clearing Past Life Trauma

Clearing all Spiritual, Emotional & Mental blocks

Shifting from 3D to a 7D way of life

How to Master your Soul Lessons in this lifetime

How to live a high vibe life

How to sustain yourself with money & abundance

How to resonate in Worthiness for life

Releasing poverty consciousness

Angel & Unicorn Healing

Energy clearing & protection

How to access your Intuition

Living an Intuition-led life

Connecting with your Angelic Team of Light

Connecting with your Higher Self

Awakening all 12 Chakras

Connecting with your Tribe

and more...

Take the

leap of


I'm Ready To Work With You!

Awakening Oracle.png

60 Minute Transformational Ascension Coaching

USD$160 / RM398 

In Person or via Zoom


 Transformational Ascension Journey Package

USD$444 / RM1888

3 One Hour Sessions

Must be completed within 8 weeks

In Person or via Zoom