Align with Divine

Oracle Deck

Welcome to the Align with Divine Oracle Deck!

This is a 55 card self reflection deck where each card holds a high vibrational word and self reflection questions to help you understand and receive Divine guidance easily.

Conceived from pure Divine Guidance and a year in the making, what came through is an Oracle deck to compliment one's Awakening journey.

You see, the Awakening journey is really path to becoming your own Guru. And no one knows your Self better than...



What energy do I need to align with today?

You Are Your Own Guide Book

Breathe deeply

Look at your card

Notice the word and its questions

What is the FIRST message that comes to you?

It will be a vision, a text message in your head, a feeling within, a whisper in your ear or altogether

Your message has been Divinely delivered


What energy is required to manifest my dreams?

What comes with this deck

The 55 Align with Divine Oracle cards

A soft and lovely pink velvet pouch to store the deck


A Crystal surprise for the first 10 orders!

Align with Divine Deck

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Align with Divine Oracle deck

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Align with Divine Oracle Deck

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