You are Awakening spiritually

You know you are meant to be doing this really BIG Purpose


You don't know what this Purpose is yet or how to go about getting started

 You have started your inner work and wish to dive deeper


You want to let go of ALL that no longer serves you

You wish to connect to Intuition/Goddess/Divine but don't know how

You have been seeing signs of the Goddess presence all around you

That's exactly what I do!

I'm Karishma Gill.

I'm a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Psychic Channel & Walk In Soul. I came to Earth to help people to fulfill their Sacred Mission on Earth, to empower themselves in mastering their Earthly lessons and to navigate their Spiritual Awakening journey with ease.

After experiencing a Soul Exchange in 2009, my Spiritual Awakening journey began rapidly. For the last 10 years, I have been moving through and recording all the Stages of Spiritual Awakening as we Ascend whilst working closely with the Higher Realms.


Born and raised in tropical Malaysia, spirituality was

introduced to me in 2003 when I learned Reiki and eventually

qualified as a Usui Reiki Master.


But the kicker was in 2009 when I experienced a Soul Exchange when I was in a bad road accident. The Older Soul being Karishma asked 'her' Guides for a Soul transfer as the lessons in her life were already quite harsh. So, the New Soul, being ME, the current Karishma,Walked-In and...

My Spiritual Awakening journey started instantly! 

I, having experienced by 1st Human Life was eager to get started on this Ascension journey. I'm a being from another universe and I was a little lost at figuring out things like money, getting a job and all human normalities. But, I picked up quickly and my Soul Awakening transported me across countries...

Divine Guidance led me to best selling author and women's empowerment expert, Crystal Andrus Morrisette and her SWAT Institute. It was inevitable that I

qualified as a SWAT certified Master Women's Empowerment Coach.

Through all of this, I started recording the stages of Spiritual Awakening which

I was experiencing.

It will soon be published into a book to be released after Chinese New Year 2020.

In 2017, my Creatrix Self grew and I started painting,

creating Crystal Jewellery, making Crystal Mandala Healing Art

and Henna Art.

I love SINGING show tunes and Sarah Vaughan!

Nothing like chocolate and a good movie

Love makeup tutorials and dancing

I love my Twin Flame and this journey!!!

It's my first life on Earth

I think it's time I enjoy being human!

Official Bio

Karishma Gill is a Spiritual Transformational Coach & Guide who helps people

to fulfill their Sacred Mission on Earth, to empower themselves in mastering their Earthly lessons

and to navigate their Spiritual Awakening journey with ease.

A Psychic Channel and a Walk In Soul, she channels Creator Source, Angels and

Higher Light Beings to bring clarity and insight in helping people align towards their highest outcome.

As a SWAT Institute certified Master Women’s Empowerment Coach

and Usui Reiki Master, she blends 16 years of energy healing, psychic knowledge, body mind soul work,

spiritual practices and empowerment techniques in sharing her guidance and wisdom.

She created self empowerment programs for Asian women for the Bury Asian Women's Council

in Greater Manchester, UK in 2015.

Karishma has been a speaker at the More Than Rubies women’s empowerment conference in

Wellington, New Zealand in 2016.

She was a Red Tent Facilitator at the Festival Du Feminin Malaysia 2019.

She’s releasing her book, I AM Awakened - Your Spiritual Awakening Handbook and

the accompanying Awakening Oracle deck after Chinese New Year 2020.


Karishma is currently working on a spiritual podcast that is to be launched in January 2020.

She is also a Singer, Artist, Writer and designs crystal jewellery.


Follow her on

 Instagram @awakenedwithkarishma